Why Should You Invest In Handmade Leather Shoes?

Why Should You Invest In Handmade Leather Shoes?

October 20, 2020

Shoes are an integral part of your attire and complete your fashion. Thanks to the fashion industry. There are many categories of shoes available for men to choose from. This task is always difficult and a wrong decision could ruin your fashion statement.

Leather shoes are the most versatile footwear, and we all address that. Several varieties of shoes are present in the market, but only a few live up to the expectation. But, should we invest in handmade leather shoes?  Yes, in any situation, for any purpose Handmade leather Shoes are the best. We will study some facts and testimonials to know why.

How are handmade leather shoes different from others?

Leather shoemakers around the world have been pointing out the difference between handmade leather shoes and other shoes. And, if you want the answer in simple words, everything is different. Let’s check out some basic difference.

  • Material used:

Shoes are durable and more fashionable due to the type of material used in them. Shoemakers use high-quality leather that they cut and mold by their hand. They use the real quality leather, which comes with many scars and scratches. On the other hand, factories cannot use real leather due to the time they take for processing. The synthetic leather used is prone to breaking and stretching due to weak fibers. Thus, handmade shoes are made from the best quality leather.

  • Sole of the shoe:

Factory-made shoes have a rubber shoe that doesn’t go well with the leather shoe. Men's Dress Shoes on the other hand have leather inside the soul that is very comfortable and stylish. These are way more durable than the ones used in factory-made shoes. Leather soles have to be stacked glued and sewn.

Leather Sole

  • Handwoven:

Shoes are made very precisely by hand. Every edge, every fiber, every shine is being done by human hand. The molds used are made from wood and thus there is more accuracy. Hand-made shoes are given the time they need to be made into a perfect pair but those made commercially are made with ease and lack of process.

  • Quality and size control:

There are many types of feet in the world, some are big, some are small, some have odd shapes, some have been paralyzed. They need special sizing and quality in their shoes. Handmade shoes don’t let the problem of size come in your way of fashion. The shoes are tested and each inch is perfectly measured. We can also control the quality as per the customer’s requirement.

  • Customization and details:

 The shoes made by hand can be customized as per the customer’s needs. You can add special lace, stitching color, the width of the sole, length of the point, etc. customizations make a customer feel special and unique. You can make an exclusive design that will be unique. Commercial shoemaking doesn’t offer this.

Reasons or benefits of choosing handmade leather shoes

We have already discussed how handmade leather shoes are different from commercially made synthetic leather shoes. Now, we will discuss why you should go for a handmade leather shoe instead of a factory-made. You may have seen many celebrities making an impact on their fashion in the industry. What is common in that unique fashion? Their shoes are their biggest style statement.

Handmade shoes offer more choices to a person with more involvement in the process. Let’s discuss some common benefits of these shoes:

  1. Durability-

 Shoes many times more durable if kept properly and taken care of. The reason for durability is the process of making shoes that involves numerous steps and procedures In the making. Cobblers are fine craftsmen and take care of the material very well. Thus, the durability of shoes is high which makes them more worthy of money.

  1. Comfort-

 A pure leather shoe has every edge and corner sewn and beaten to perfection. The shoes are meant to pleasure feet. Craftsmen take a precise measurement of the foot and sew the most perfect pair of shoes possible. No matter, how your foot is flat, bent, or oddly shaped, a master cobbler makes you the perfect pair of shoes.

Italian Leather Shoes

  1. Highest quality:

Shoes made by a professional for a particular pair of the foot are meant to be of the highest quality. Unlike factory-made products, we buy Italian Leather Shoes for their craftsmanship quality and not product. The quality of material and design is unmatchable and unique. They keep the foot hygiene in check and age very beautifully.

  1. Sublime finish and better fit:

Handmade shoes are superior in the finish they provide. Every shoe has different and unique finishes which are very small yet effective. You just can’t ignore how perfectly the tip of the shoe is designed or how the laces are placed. The detailing is the key. These shoes also provide the best fit, thus are easier to wear.

  1. Stylish and eco-friendly-

Leather shoes are the most stylish footwear. But handmade leather shoes add a class to your footwear making it looks luxurious and highly fashionable. You can’t ignore the shine they posses.

Handmade shoes are made from premium genuine leather and no waste is produced while making them so they are quite environment-friendly. They can also be recycled after long use.

Wholecut Oxford Shoes

  1. Water-resistant and extra protection:

Unlike commercially made shoes, leather shoes are water-resistant due to its tough leather covering. This also makes them more secure from damage, wear, and tear.

The above points evidently show that leather shows are worth every investment you put in them. They are superior in every aspect, be it quality, comfort, style, worth, fit, etc. You need to buy a pair of Men’s Oxford Shoes at least once to know their benefits. These leather shoes provide you with an unrivalled class and confidence. You just need an excellent company or cobbler who could make you a pair of these unique, stylish and comfortable leather shoes, and you are ready to rock this world.

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