12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Chukka Boots

January 10, 2023


Chukka boots are a subtle way to express one’s sophisticated and unique style. Though they look simple yet perfect for all attires, many a time knock-offs are mistakenly bought. Hence, in this article, we will be providing you some tips on finding the perfect, original Chukka Boots.

First, let’s have a quick history lesson on Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are casual ankle-length boots that got their name from the game of Polo. It’s believed that these boots have Indian traces as the term ‘chukkar’ signifies “circle” (in Hindi), which is translated into an 'easygoing walk'. A further fact to prove this point is that Chukkas are very similar in design to Jodhpur boots which are traditionally Indian.

Chukka boots were once linked with off duty mustard-colored trousers and used tocome with two to three eyelets. But nowadays, Chukkas manufactured by certain brands even have 5 eyelets. Although the eyelets on them seem crowded, the boots still look amazing and are versatile enough to pair with trousers, jeans, and chinos.

Now that we’ve had a good glance at their background, let’s dive right into a few awesome Chukka Boot buying tips.

The things to have in mind while searching for a Chukka boot

If you’re planning to buy a Chukka boot, we highly recommend that you take a few minutes to check it according to the below mentioned 12 parameters. Ensuring these checkpoints will help you in picking an original Chukka.

  • Material
  • One of the most important things to consider while buying classic men’s chukka boots is to check the material. Chukkas are traditionally made with pure calfskin and suede. Paying for poor quality leather will not only be uncomfortable, but the boot will also fall apart quickly. So, when buying Chukkas, check their material using this tip –try pouring a few drops of water on each boot. If the footwear absorbs it, you can rest assured that it’s pure leather, but if the water puddles up, then you should know that it’s 100% fake.

  • Waterproofing
  • Chukka boots are rigid enough to guard your feet against extremities. Most Chukkas are water-resistant, but some varieties are not particularly so effective. Waterproof Chukka boots are always a good choice for any place and purpose. But if you’re having difficulty in confirming if the Chukkas you’re considering are waterproof or not, look out for these things:

    • Thicker lining on the outside
    • Thick rubber in the toe and heel area
    •  Shoe tongues with extra seams
    • Extra cushioning inside the shoe

    No one wants a chukka boot with slippery soles, so tick this checklist importantly.

  • Outsole
  • Outsoles play a significantrole in a shoe’s durability. They represent the quality of the craftsmanship used to make the boots. To check a Chukka’s sole, press hard on it and wait for a dent to appear. If a dent momentarily appears, then it’s a soft sole and is good to go. If a dent appears for a long time, you should know that the sole is probably made from poor quality material and won’t protect your foot from sharp and harmful particles on the floor.

    Most Chukkas are manufactured with Blake stitch construction or Goodyear welt. While Goodyear welting has numerous layers to make the exterior of the boot strong, Blake stitch has comparatively fewer layers. This is why boot soles made with Blake stitch are more flexible than those made with Goodyear welt. But the latter construction produces rigid boots guaranteeing long durability. This is why Goodyear welt boots are expensive, unlike Blake stitch Chukkas which are available below USD 200 as well.

  • Colors and style intent
  • Go for a chukka boot that matches your style. For example, if you want to give off a resilient aura, a gothic-styled black chukka will be the ideal one. But such a boot might not be ideal for a formal, “to-the-point” kind of look. So, go for what “you” want. 

    Selecting the perfect Chukkas might be tricky, because sometimes, though your heart may wish for a particular pair, the purpose you’re buying it for might not be a match for it. Here are a few ideas that we’d like to give you, but remember, your choice is what matters.

    • If you want a chukka for your workplace then go for a brown or black full-grain leather chukka. It gives off a smart vibe.
    • If you’re looking for men’s lace-up boots for formal occasions, you can go for a tan-shade chukka boots. We guarantee that they’ll make you look professional and bag the spotlight.
    • If you’re ready to buy many boots, adding trendy colors like green, burgundy, red, and purple to your cart is suggested. After all, you get one life, so why not flaunt your inner fashionista!

    Some classic colors don't go out of style even with changing seasons. They include brown, black, tan, and gray. These neutral colors are considered to be an obligatory collection on the shelf.

  • Price range
  • Whether it’s in the field of fashion or gadgets, when something becomes popular, a lot of low-grade replicas for it make their way into the market. In the case of Chukka boots too, their popularity has driven plenty of brands to produce them, but often they come at flashy price-tags. Before buying a pair, evaluate if its price is justified. You could read user reviews and compare the material and design of different pairs against each other to arrive at the perfect buying decision. If the chukkas that you’re planning to buy offer great material, design, craftsmanship, and are from a reputed brand, it’s okay to pay a little extra for them because they’ll promise a longer shelf life. 


    Normally, a good pair of Chukka starts somewhere around USD175 but as the pattern, features and credibility differ, so does the price. If you require a Chukka for regular wear, there are products available even at USD190. Though they might be made with partial leather and rubber, they’ll still stand out. If you need the boots for formal events, then the price ranges from USD175 to USD500+, because with big price comes rich quality. But as said, you can find Chukkas starting even from 100 dollars, so no worries.

  • Boot Fit and Sizing
  • These chukka boots you’re picking must fit perfectly and feel comfortable. If you’re buying from a store, try out different shoe sizes before finalizing a pair. When ordering online, make sure that you’re aware of your shoe size across country charts like US, Asian, UK, etc. Importantly, certain brands might have some differences in their size charts, so carefully check whether the selected one’s measurements work for you. 


    You’re spending money so ensure the right fit makes sense.

  • Brand value
  • This point is extremely important to consider. When buying a pair of chukkas, you shouldn’t blindly trust a brand’s face value (and we mean that). There are a lot of fake websites out there that are posing as well-known brands, but they’re selling crumbly products at high prices. You’d be better off buying from good local buyers in such cases. But, of course, if you can get your hands on a genuine piece from an established brand, there’s nothing like it. So before making a purchase, ensure that the website you’re shopping from is copyrighted and has a registered trademark. You can scroll down to the footer of the webpage to easily figure this out.

  • Practicality
  • There’s quite a variety of chukka boots available in the market, and it’s easy to get confused since they all look good. But you can’t go buying every pair out there. So when deciding, consider the occasions, say weddings, parties, office, or any other for which you’re purchasing the boots. While one pair may go well with casual attire, another could match formals. But at the same time, if the attires fall under one category, then one Chukka is enough to style.

    Let’s say you’re buying a Chukka to wear on Sundays to church. Yes, every Sunday your formal or casual wear might change but it doesn’t necessarily require a change in footwear every time. You can work just one common shade Chukka (black color) with all attires. People would never realize it’s a regular one as the flexible boot transforms each time. This is why it’s very important to decide for what occasion you're buying a Chukka. Practicality saves money.

  • Winter Boots
  • If you’re going to buy a pair of winter boots, it’s extremely important to keep the leather quality in mind (try the water technique discussed in point 1). Good winter boots are also water-resistant, so check how waterproof they are (discussed in point 2). Only when these two parameters check out will the shoes provide you adequate warmth and dryness to keep your feet safe from chilling winters. 

  • Catch the trend
  • If you’re going to spend money on good quality shoes, why not buy a pair that’s in fashion too? Check out popular shoe-trend websites and pull up articles that highlight what celebrities are adorning their feet with. Has an actor or sportsperson recently been spotted wearing chukka boots? Well, find out!

  • Casual or Formal attire
  • While some chukkas are ideally suited to either formal or casual attire, a few pairs are versatile enough to match any occasion and purpose. Crepe sole or rubber sole versions can be worn casually, and in fact, they look great with khaki pants or jeans. But they’re not suggested with formal outfits. Similarly, leather sole chukkas and contrasting stitches are considered to be casual boots, but if you pick such a pair with a thin leather sole in tan or dark brown, they can go well with any event or season. You can easily team up such a pair with a suit, khaki pants, jeans, and even shorts.

  • Business or Semi-formal attire
  • It’s in a business or semi-formal setting where one’s personality speaks through one’s outfit. We recommend wearing chukka boots in such situations, particularly shades of black, tan, and brown. Styling for a trench coat, tuxedo, blazer, and other sorts like this with a Chukka is a pioneering choice for a semi-formal event.

    Furthermore, if you’ve heard of hand patina shoes, then we’d recommend them as well. The art of bleaching leather through solvents, pigments, dyes, and oils to craft a worn-out ombre sort of look in the shoe, is beauty. These shoes look very unique as they’re handmade by expert craftsmen. The intra-contrasts in the shoe are too hot to handle when if pair it with a contrasting attire. For a business look, Men’s handmade patina Chukkas are highly recommended.

    Wrapping it up

    Shoes are an essential part of our day to day lives. And though they’re meant to keep our feet safe from extremities, they’re also essential to complement our fashion choices. Chukkas are no doubt a boon in the fashion industry as they enhance the style as well as the attitude of the person who wears them.

    We hope the tips above have given you a fine idea of how to find the right chukka boots. Happy shopping!

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