Shoe Care

Shoe Cleaning Tips

Always remove dirt or loose mud if any with a soft dry cloth. And use wax polish with horsehair brushes or a soft polishing cloth. Remove the shoelaces from your shoes because Laces can prevent the polish. Apply Shoe Polish properly with a brush or cloth to leather uppers. Leave shoes for an hour or more to absorb into the skin’s pores.

Suede Shoes Tips

Use suede brush to remove surface dirt and dust. We recommend you doing this before and after every wear. Always brush the nap of the suede in one direction. This keeps the item looking consistently clean and tidy.

Use Shoe Tree

Shoe trees are the most important product that is placed inside the shoe to preserve its shape, stop it from developing creases and thereby extend the life of the shoe. Shoe trees also play a crucial role of wicking away leather-damaging moisture from the inside. This is especially important when shoes are worn without socks, as the sweat absorbed by the leather can lead to lining rot.

Use Shoe Horn

shoehorn is a piece of metal or plastic with a slight curve that you put in the back of your shoe so that your heel will go into the shoe easily. A shoe horn prevents you from crushing the stiff heel section of the upper and extends the life of the shoe.


Storing your shoes correctly also plays a prominent role in how long they last. If they get wet, stuff with newspaper overnight and allow them dry naturally.

Leather shoes should be kept in shoe bags, which help shade the shoes from potentially damaging dust and sunlight. Suede shoes should be stored in open air, but away from sunlight.