About us

Helping You Make A Unique Style Statement

In a world that’s just beginning to recognize the importance of looking the best, standing out from the crowd differentiates the ordinary from the special. And when everyone around you is striving for perfection, the choices you make, define your success.

That’s the kind of thought route Lethato has always followed. Focusing on delivering uniqueness, excellence, and supreme quality, we’ve been helping global men revamp their footwear style statement for close to a decade.

Being a growth-oriented brand of luxury men’s footwear, Lethato focuses on handcrafted shoes. We’ve gained the trust of men across USA, Europe, and Middle East, who vouch for the high-grade leather, soft touch-and-feel, pleasing aesthetics, and perfect fitting of our products.

Every single one of our masterpieces is crafted and painted by the hands of experienced shoe artists. Passionate towards designing fine quality stylish handmade shoes, we consistently strive to fulfill the needs of metropolitan men.

With Lethato, you can follow the latest fashion trends without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. We offer a wide range of wedding shoes for men, oxford shoes for men, wingtip dress shoes, blucher shoes, chukka boots for men, kilties shoes, Jodhpur cross strap boots and many other varieties of handmade patina leather shoes for men.