8 Important Things To Consider Before Buying Chukka Boots

8 Important Things To Consider Before Buying Chukka Boots

September 05, 2020

The first and foremost thing you should consider is to make sure that you are buying a chukka boot and not Chelsea Boot. Now let us look at the important things that you need to keep in mind before buying Chukka boots.


1. Look for suede or leather uppers

Generally, chukka boots have suede or leather uppers although there are some which are made from fabrics and synthetics.

Suede and leather uppers are perfect for evening outings while two cars made of synthetic leather and fabrics are best suited for casual wear


2. The soles

Always make sure to check the soles as it usually determines whether the boot is formal or not. Formal boots have harder thinner soles that are smoother though less formal Chukkas have thicker soles.

These boots may also have indentations in the soles to enhance the beauty and comfort. There are some Chukkas having soles that are made of crap rubber which is way softer and offers optimal cushioning.


3. Comfort

No matter how classy and elegant the shoe is we always look for comfort. So before buying a chukka boot make sure to check whether the sole is comfortable or not and do check the interior as well.


Chukka Boots


4. Dress or casual

We all know that Chukka boots for men are versatile and thus fit different occasions. These boots fit many different styles so it is very important to set your mind first before buying these.


5. Colors

Chukka boots come in many different colors so you have to choose very wisely mid-Brown and dark Brown boots offer more versatility water-wise an A good choice if you’re buying your first pair of chukkas. Lighter colors go well with each outfit and the Sarah good add-on for any occasion. So do opt for that color which matches your outfit and goes well with the event.


6. The size

Do not buy a pair of Chukkas without trying them on. The same rule applies to all footwear. These boots don’t necessarily run in the same size at what fits you best in other shoes including athletic shoes. So make sure to measure your feed yourself or take help from the professional while you were shopping.


7. Make sure that they are waterproof

You should give serious consideration to buying boots that are waterproof if you are planning to wear your Chukka boot in all sorts of weather situations.


8. Maintenance

Boots that are curated with synthetic materials and quality leather are way easier to keep up than those made with other materials.



We can assure you that you will definitely find them the best Handmade Leather Boots For Men. They are not only stylish but are traditional as well. They will also keep your feet comfortable and warm in any weather conditions and come in a variety of colors. These boots are extremely lightweight yet comfortable and will surely enhance the personality. 

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