A Classic Pair of Sneakers – The Ultimate Winter Footwear Essential

March 30, 2022

A Classic Pair of Sneakers – The Ultimate Winter Footwear Essential

Hello, our fellow fashion enthusiasts! We hope the year 2022 has been treating you well, and all your New Year resolutions are going in full swing. Speaking of that, most of you must have signed up for a gym membership, finally cleaned and scrubbed your bathtub, and possibly stocked up a fresh bundle of novels that you might be excited to dig into. 

But is your wardrobe also as refreshing as your passing days? When you look inside it, do you feel puzzled in regards to what pieces are going to serve you the most in the coming months? If you take our advice, one easy way to breathe new style into your wardrobe is by adding a fresh impression of good old basic footwear. We’re implying everyone’s favorite – Leather Dress Sneakers for Men!

Honestly, we have nothing against heeled boots, fancy shoes, etc., but who doesn’t enjoy a bit of comfort with a fine amount of style and suave? Therefore, it's best to kick out your old winter weather style and raise your fashion game by reimagining how to style sneakers this winter.

Oxford Sneakers - Croc Brown & Blue

White sneakers – The evergreen footwear essential

No matter what your style, sneakers are a full-proof accessory that can amp up any look you want. Also, they’re super comfortable, trendy, and will keep your feet cozy, especially when teamed up with a pair of adorable wool socks. Statement pieces like funky cargo pants, lace, or slip-on dresses also go extremely well with this footwear and will allow you to kick-start your month in full confidence. 

Enough with the chit-chat; let's find out which outfits gel in with sneakers nicely, shall we?

Your quintessential winter fashion guide

  • A combination of well-fitted charcoal wool parka and gray chinos is proof that a simple and comfortable outfit can also make you look fashionably appealing and stylish. To give this get-up a sportier feel, team it up with your classic pair of oxford sneakers, and voila, you’re set to hit the runway!
  • A pair of khaki pants, when worn with a dark brown shearling jacket and good-old converse white sneakers, gives an extraordinarily stylish casual outfit. In the months of winter, when the chills hit down the spine, this combination will make you stand out from the crowd and help you stay warm and relaxed for long.
  • Monochromatic styling can never go out of style. Putting together a navy-blue overcoat along with the same-colored chinos and a pair of white sneakers do complete justice to that statement! During those shivery cold months, this outfit will make sure you're safe and sound and give you a stark illustration that fashion can be comfy too. 

Now, this was just a peek into how you can style your OG Brown Oxford Sneakers to tick all those funky yet dapper looks you've been dreaming of for ages. But that's not it! There’s more to these winter footwear beauties than meets the eye.

How to style different types of white sneakers?

We just love sneaks and are up for styling them all around the year because of their feather-light feeling. But even in the colder months, sneakers are one hell of a footwear accessory you must hold onto. And today, we proudly present some of the most stylish layering ideas that'll bring out the uniqueness of various types of sneakers. These beauties will keep you going for the entire day with full zeal and comfort.

  • Low-top sneakers

If you look at your footwear closet, we’re sure you’ll find a pair of these lying around. No doubt they do justice to your staple summer dresses, but they'll also help you polish off a comfy pair of joggers with oversized teddy coats for your winter OOTDs as well. And, a little bit of accessory never hurts the eye, does it?


  • Platform sneakers

Owning those thick chunky pairs of white sneakers is literally a dream come true. So if you have one of those, let them steal the show whenever they stand a chance. Just throw on a thick cardigan over a utility jumpsuit or pick cropped pants to provide a full display of the shoes. 

  • Trainer sneakers

Bring out those cozy cargo pants and striped socks and lay them as the foundation of your entire look. Then add a puffer or bomber jacket over your favorite turtle neck sweater, and you’re good to go. Adding a popping bomber jacket to your look will give a lot of class and structure to your basic outfit, and printed socks will throw off a great personality, so why not?

Sneaker Do’s that get a thumbs up!

Fashion and styling are somewhat subjective to every individual. If a trend suits you and makes you look like a thousand bucks, it won't necessarily look flattering on a different individual too. But some fashion rules are made to be broken; especially if they aren’t letting you experiment with your style completely. Thus, here are a few sneaker trends that get a huge thumbs-up from our side. 

  • Contrast with black

Adding a bit of black to your outfit can totally change your get-up. For instance, if you’re going for an all-white outfit, a black silk scarf can add the right proportion of contrast to your outfit and will also complement your Designer Navy Oxford Sneakers. A tint of black will help you balance out the look seamlessly.

  • Play with texture

When it comes to an all-white ensemble, try and play with different textures and patterns to make your costume less matchy-matchy and more casual. 

  • Don’t overlook your favorite sneakers

Sneakers have always been a huge fashionable footwear accessory, and in case you’re living under the rock, let us tell you that they're huge this year. And yes, you can wear them during winter as well. They go well with anything and everything; all you need is a good eye!

How often should you clean your sneakers?

Well, if you want your sneakers to look squeaky clean throughout the year, you must wash them every two weeks. Now obviously, it depends on how often you wear them, but frequent cleaning and brushing will help them stay new and keep all the dust and grime at bay. Also, keep in mind that the longer you let a stain sit, the harder it will be to remove.


Sneakers have actually taken the fashion footwear industry by storm, and it won’t be an understatement to say that they’re here to rule. Whether it’s dressing up your favorite pair of blue jeans or adding a hint of comfortable twist to your classic casual suit, sneaks can always provide extra air and comfort to your look. That's why investing in a classic pair of white sneakers is that one silhouette choice you can never go wrong with. 

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