Best Formal Shoes to Wear with Jeans

April 29, 2022

Best Formal Shoes to Wear with Jeans

For ages, men have been pairing jeans with different kinds of uppers and making a buzz in the town. They have been careful about hues, patterns, brands, and a couple of things that make them stand out from the crowd. But when it comes to selecting the right pair of footwear, and combining them with jeans in such a way that it ticks all the boxes in formal wear, somewhere, they get lost.

Most men go for comfortable sneakers or loud boots, not giving a thought to whether they’re doing justice to their entire look. If you have also made that mistake at some point in your life, it's high time you correct it. 

Not sure how to do that? Just follow the tips given below and witness the change with your own eyes!

First, Understand How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoes

We know you must be wondering how someone can go wrong with picking the right pair of leather dress shoes. But believe us, despite wearing them for more than centuries, people still make silly mistakes while choosing footwear. So here are a few things you must keep in mind when shopping for shoes.

  • Size

The most important aspect of any clothing is whether or not they fit you well. If you're buying a pair of shoes, you must check if it's your size or not. 

  • Comfort

Once you know the shoes won't come out while walking, take a test walk to see if they are comfortable. If you think they're too tight or hurting, look for other options.

  • Price

Don't fall for too cheap or overpriced products. Always remember that it's the quality that matters, and not how much money you spent on them.

Formal Shoes Do’s and Don’ts 

Whether you are going to grab lunch outside or taking a walk along the beachside, whether you are going to the office or running errands, shoes are the go-to accessory for most men. However, there are some things you must keep in mind while wearing this comfy footwear.


  • Keep it simple – We know everyone likes being stylish or being spoken about in a room full of people. But remember, too much of anything isn't good for anybody, even if it puts you in the limelight. So, be subtle and classy.

  • Pair shoes with concrete colors – When pairing your shoes, don't go for loud colors or accessories. Instead, choose solid colors or prints that vibe with your environment. 


  • Too many details – Buying a pair of shoes with a lot of details ruins the whole outfit. Plus, it doesn't gel well with most styles. So be mindful of what you're buying.
  • Ignoring the material – When buying shoes, you must make sure that you are comfortable with the material. If the material seems itchy or less gentle on your feet, better avoid it.
  • Running after brands – There’s no doubt that people are more comfortable with the brands they’ve been using regularly. But it's not necessary that the footwear company you are fond of offers you the same pleasure in everything they provide. Even experts go wrong every once in a while.

Formal shoes that go well with jeans

When it comes to pairing jeans and formal shoes, there are a lot of options you can choose from. Listed below are some you will surely want to keep in your wardrobe. 

  • Oxfords

Though oxford shoes are mostly called men's leather oxford shoes, it doesn't mean they don't gel well with jeans. Instead, oxfords look extremely ravishing with jeans, provided you pair them carefully with the fabric. Pay close attention to what colors you are wearing.

If you're going with a tan-colored shoe, opt for blue jeans, while if you are wearing black or brown colored shoes, go for darker shades of jeans like indigo or black, and add a statement piece like a blazer or button-up-shirt on top.

  • Monk straps

Monk straps are a fancier version of formal shoes. They come in two types – single strap and double strap – and both take jeans to another level. If you want a relaxed, casual look, go for tan double monks with dark skinny denim and a white T-shirt.

However, if looking smart is what you want, opt for brown leather single monk straps with slim-fit blue denim, an unbuttoned Oxford shirt, a brown belt, and a blazer to bring it all together.

  • Loafers

Who wouldn't love to rock a casual look in jeans, a merino sweater on top, and a cool pair of sneakers below! But what if you swapped that sneaker with loafers? Wouldn't that be great?! Venetian Loafers are perfect for most occasions.

No matter whether you're sporting a casual, semi-formal, or formal look, they enhance your style in a whole new way. Just choose the right colors and combine them with your outfit, and you’ll be all set.

  • Bluchers

Another unique category, bluchers are the epitome of comfort and class. They're cool, easy on the feet, and perfect as formal shoes.

Pair them with denim overalls and a white t-shirt, or you can even add a semi-formal blazer to enhance the overall look.

  • Derbies

Among the most appealing men's shoes in the world, men's derby shoes are hassle-free. They gel with any kind of attire and give a unique kick to your overall getup. Try pairing them with jeans or chinos and a comfortable upper on top. You can even put on leather jackets or blazers to add a more casual or semi-formal touch to your outfit.

Now that you know which shoes will go well with your jeans, why not check out Lethato's website, which delivers all of them to your doorstep!

Care guide to keep your formal shoes in good shape

If you want your shoes to look shiny and smooth as if they were just brought from the store, here are a few things you must do regularly: 


Whenever you come back home, instead of throwing your shoes in one corner, take a soft-bristled brush and gently brush them to remove all the dirt and debris. 


Every week, take a damp cotton cloth and wipe your shoes thoroughly. Doing this would add more life to the shoe and keep it brand new for longer.


If you own a leather shoe, polishing it is a must. You don't have to wait for three to four months to brush them with a good conditioner. Instead, you can start it after one or two uses. 

To wrap it up

Formal shoes are a must in every man's wardrobe. They go with casual outfits, semi-formals, and of course, suits and tuxedos. But you have to be very smart while investing in them. Instead of buying colors that can only be paired with a particular outfit, always opt for solid colors that you can combine on multiple occasions. And don't forget to keep your smile on because that’s what takes every look to a whole new level.

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 All our shoes are designed to match standard UK & US dress shoe sizes. However, to ensure the perfect fit, please go through below size chart:




Approx. Foot length in cms

Approx. Foot length in Inches

5 6 39 23.3 -23.9 9 2/8.6- 9 4/8
6 7 40 24.2 -24.8 9 5/8 -9 7/8




25.0 - 25.5

9 7/8 – 10 1/8




25.8 - 26.3

10 1/8 – 10 3/8




26.5 - 27.0

10 3/8 – 10 5/8




27.3 – 27.8

10 6/8 – 11




28.0 – 28.5

11 – 11 2/8




28.7 – 29.2

11 2/8 – 11 4/8




29.5 – 30.0

11 5/8 – 11 7/8




30.2 – 30.8

11 7/8 – 12 1/8

 For a correct shoe size, please take the time to measure your foot. 

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