Everything you need to know about Men's lace-up Boots

November 26, 2021

Everything you need to know about Men's lace-up Boots

If we talk about one category of footgear that never fails to catch a man's eyes, it would undeniably be booted. Boots are not only loved but also are a definite top-notch choice for every man, irrespective of the walk of life he belongs to. This gender-neutral footwear is preferred because of its rigidness, style quotient, beauty, and vogue. Boots are not just any footgear; they have the aura to enhance the overall personality of an outfit, and also allow you to upscale your personal style and make you look suavely alluring. 

Now when fashion trends keep on evolving with time, why should these bad boys stay out of business? Every new season comes up with new designs, patterns, materials, and literally whatnot. But along with these frequent changes in flavors, the consumers have to face a bit of a problem. And that’s the trouble of choosing the right pair! That being said, it's never too late to learn and come up with new ideas, some of which are detailed in this guide. 

If you're looking forward to styling your new boots, but feel a little confused, this article is exactly what you need. Here are some styling tips and rules that we've put together to give you a quick rundown of a particularly elegant category of men’s boots – the lace-ups. 

Wingtip Lace Up Boots - Tan


Before we begin – a walk down memory lane

Boots first became popular during the Victorian era which spanned a time between the mid to late 1800s (during the rule of Queen Victoria). During those times, boots were a go-to solution for both men and women, and were available in different styles and designs, including button-up, slip-on, and lace-up varieties. The term Victorian lace-up boots stand perfect for the footgear that was produced during this era. 

Now the interesting thing is, you can still get your hands on a pair of men's lace-up boots that date back to the Victorian era in today’s time. But the only downfall is that they might be well worn and much smaller compared to what we get in the market today. Typically, boots designed during Victorian times were fairly short – hitting the mid-ankle or just above it. They were usually produced in black or brown shades, though if your luck worked, you might find something in the lighter tones as well. The laces used in these pieces were made of a thick and heavier material, and the heel used to be short, usually block-shaped. Nonetheless, the good thing is that any pairs from that time that you come across now will be totally genuine and made from the same material that was used by craftsmen from that era.

Classic Chukka Boots - Tan

Now that you’ve got a fair idea behind the history of lace-up boots, let's understand why lace-up boots are becoming so popular among the youth.

Lace-up boots – An evergreen trend!

Lace-up boots are a rage as of now, and there's not going to be a time when we see them going off the fashion market. For a comfortable yet amazingly smart appearance, you can never go wrong with a pair of traditional smart Leather Chukka Boots for Men. Whether worn in black or brown, leather or suede, they look exemplary with any sort of outfit, all thanks to their slim, ankle-hugging appearance that looks vogue and fantastic with sophisticated styles. 

If you already have a pair or are looking forward to buying classic brand-new ones, you must keep the fit in mind. To make sure you feel comfortable and stylish while wearing your ankle lace-ups boots for men, select a pair that fits your feet the right way. When trying on new boots, make sure your feet feel snug and supported, meaning, you should still be able to move your feet and ankles without any trouble or pain. Remember, the shoe shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Allow the finger behind your heel and the toes to breathe. Make sure they aren't pressed against the ends. 

Classic Chukka Boots - Python Brown

Moving on, let’s come to the most awaited part – lace-up boots styling tips!

Styling tips

#1 - Add tall socks for a pop of color

If you're going for a classic pair of black or brown lace-up shoes, you must add a hint of color to your footwear to break that monotonous look. How can you do that? Play safe! Add a pop of color by wearing tall socks that will peak between your boots and the pants. If you're all about that old-school life and are hesitant about going one step forward, opt for more neutral and toned-down colors like beige, white, or black. 

Medallion Toe Oxford - Gray

#2 - Tie your boots nicely for a comfortable walk

Usually, people like to keep lace-up shoes for more dressy and formal events but, if you're ready to take up the madness on another level and want to use them as your hike or walking boots, make sure the strings of the boots are tied nicely and made of a strong budge free material so that it doesn't tear apart and make you feel uncomfortable for the longer duration. 

#3 - Loosen up the knots for a relaxed look

Some lace-up boots provide you with the privilege of tying your laces loosely or not tying them at all. If you're more about that casual easy-breezy look, let go of your laces, be it partially or fully, to achieve that carefree look. A quick tip: Make sure you're able to walk in them freely, without slipping or tripping, before you head out. 

While picking a brand-new pair of dress boots for men, there are several factors you need to consider before making the final choice. Not only do your boots need to look classy and sharp, but they also need to feel comfortable, fit well, and be durable. Keeping that in mind, buying from a reputed label that constantly ticks all these boxes will undoubtedly be a smart choice. In this regard,  Lethato is one handmade shoe brand that you can trust with your eyes closed!

Plain Toe Lace Up with Zipper - Brown

Lace-up Boots: Maintenance and storage

It's easy to invest your hard-earned money in a pair of wingtip lace-up boots, but it's very difficult to take care of them, in order to maintain their durability. Don't you worry! We're here to guide you through. 

  • The first and foremost thing you'll have to do is, soak the laces in some lukewarm water mixed with a bunch of laundry detergent. 
  • Later, use a damp cloth to wipe out any loose dirt from the boots and scrub off any marks and scuffs with the help of a brush. Once you're all done, leave both shoes and the laces to dry naturally. 
  • To ensure that your boots last for a longer time, storing them under the correct circumstances can be a total game-changer for you. After cleaning and drying them thoroughly, make sure to stuff them with some paper or shoe trees so that the shoe maintains its shape correctly, even when not in use. 
  • Make sure to store your boots upright for the best results possible. 

To wrap it up

The reason why boots never disappoint is that they add elegance and structure to an otherwise boring or laid-back wardrobe. They're perfect for any weather and suit all outfits like a match made in heaven! Undoubtedly, they're definite must-haves in every man's wardrobe. And this is exactly why you should never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes; they're what people notice the first when you walk in!


  1. Why are lace-up boots the right choice for men?

Boots are one of the best, stylish, and most reliable pairs of boots when it comes to men's footgear. They're extremely practical, suave, and versatile in every way possible. In fact, you can dress them down or dress them up as per your requirements and rock the outfit the way you like it. 

  1. What color lace-up boots go well with every outfit?

If you're looking for a pair that should fulfill all your fashion needs, either go for black or dark brown lace-up boots. They fall under the neutral category and go absolutely well with all sorts of outfits and colors. 

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