Everything You Need To Know about Side Zip-up Boots

November 03, 2021

Everything You Need To Know about Side Zip-up Boots

As you pack the best clothes and shoes for your long-planned foreign tour, you sense the lack of that oomph factor from your suitcase. Despite digging into your closet for the latest trendy attire and accessories, there seems to be something missing…

Don’t scratch your head, for we may know what the issue is. Your suitcase is deficient in a stylish, versatile, and ever gorgeous pair of boots! 

Regardless of how many renaissances the footwear industry experiences, boots will never lose their charm. They are indeed the lifeline of every picture, the absence of which can never be fulfilled by any remarkable architecture in the backdrop! 

Now, from the plethora of styles that boots come in, mens side zip-up boots make for an elegant and versatile option that complements a wide array of outfits. They are indeed a nice way to add that extra edge to your outfit. So, if you don’t own a pair yet, this article will provide you with all the possible reasons (and some great styling tips) to invest your money in this impressive style. 

Captoe Double Monk Strap Zipper Boots - Tan & Blue

Side zip-up boots: what are they?

This boots style, which looks like any other regular boots, stands out due to two factors – a zipper, and a flap on the inside of each foot. The zipper, which is the show-stealer, is usually made from nylon or metal and comes in varied forms and colors. It can even be customized with pulls to give it a more interesting look. 

Side zip-up boots are more contemporary than chukkas, more casual than derbies, and more elegant than work boots. And by combining all this uniqueness, this timeless style has managed to cement an eternal position for itself in the footwear industry.

When were side zip-up boots invented?

Although records say that zip-up boots were invented by Elias Howe in 1851, there isn’t any clear evidence regarding the beginning of their usage. The term 'zipper' was coined in 1923, and from then it began to be a regular in men's boots. However, these kinds of boots have become way more popular in recent times among the millennial population, who are creating a number of looks with the classic.

Now that we know the preliminaries of side zip-up boots, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of why you should unquestionably own a pair or two!

The perks of wearing side zip-up boots

In comparison to the multifarious boot styles that have become common these days, side zip-up boots offer a host of benefits. 

  • They’re huge time-savers

Designed for people on the go, the biggest perk of side zip-up boots is that they are the easiest among all boot styles to put on and take off. So, while you struggle with tying and untying the laces of a lace-up boot, you can easily get into zipper boots in times of emergencies, or slip them off in a minute when you reach home after an exhausting day at work.

Captoe Double Monk Strap Zipper Boots - Brown & Blue

  • No chance of carrying dirt to your home

Taking your shoes off becomes the least of your concerns when you reach home after a taxing day. So, it often happens that you wear them inside, sit on a sofa, and then put them off. And with you, numerous germs too make their way into your house! Here again, double monks strap ankle side zip-up boots stand out. Since they are easy to take off, you can easily remove them at the doorstep and avoid taking dirt into your home or any other place.

  • Made for all and sundry

While it wouldn’t be a problem for the ones with slimmer legs to wear knee-high boots, things can get trickier for those on the bulkier side. Will they be spared from basking in the elegance of these sleek boots? Well absolutely not! Side zip-up boots extend the boot opening to allow the wearer to get his foot, ankle, and leg inconveniently. So, it’s a style that never makes you feel guilty about your weight. Isn’t that great?

  • Wear and tear

There’s a high possibility that after long use, the laces of the mens leather lace-up boots might wear out or tear. The side zipper of the zip-up boots, being resistant to tearing, splitting, cracking, and abrasions, will far outlive them. So, invest in it once and forget about replacing it for ages!

  • Same fit every time

When it comes to lace-up boots, lacing them might cause them to be loose one day or tight the other day. Hence, there’s a constant fuss to make necessary adjustments. On the other hand, it might take a little extra time to achieve the perfect fit in the side zip-up boots, but once you do, you are settled for life! So, every time you put them on, the zippers provide you with the same fit. This again makes all the difference when you are running late for the day.

  • Comfort

The presence of a zipper provides the advantage of extreme comfort. In today’s hectic schedule, one has to spend most of their time outdoors in their work shoes. Your feet perspire when they get hot, and the lack of moisture-wicking linings in boots leads to the emission of odor when you take them off. Boots with a toe cap ankle side zipper boots can provide temporary ventilation. Cooldown your feet by simply unzipping the boots rather than taking them off entirely, and get those around you a breather (literally!).

Captoe Double Monk Strap Zipper Boots - Olive

  • Age isn’t a barrier

As Ralph Lauren says, “It’s not about age. It’s about taste and it’s about lifestyle.” Chronic illnesses like osteoarthritis are predominant in older people. This often stands in the way of wearing fashionable shoes, for instance, lace-up ones, which require patients to stoop down. Side zippers, owing to their dexterity, are a much easier option for such people. Not to forget the extra dose of sophistication and elegance they add to any and everyone’s style!

  • More room at the top

If you wish to tuck in the bottom of your pants into your boots, or you have wider ankles, zip-up boots are a great option. They usually have more space on the topmost part which also makes your feet feel less suffocated.

Moving on, let’s quickly cover the best ways to style side zip-up boots.

Side zip-up boots: Style considerations

Now that you’re convinced about the numerous advantages of side zip-up boots and are quite ready to purchase them, you must be wondering how to style them. Well, here again, we’ve got you covered.

You can pair these ever-gorgeous boots with the following options:

  • Grey suits
  • Trim sport coats
  • Rugged leather jackets
  • Tapered trousers
  • Trench coats
  • Light-colored tuxedos

To wrap it up

While we minutely scrutinize our clothes and try filling the wardrobe with the latest trends, we often tend to be a little miser when it comes to shoes. But it’s important to remember that as much as the upper body needs pampering, our feet too require a good deal of care. 

But we agree, when we’re finally convinced to buy a worthy pair of shoes, we can easily get bewildered with the countless styles on offer out there. Well hopefully, now that you’ve learned about a style that caters to the need of a huge mass, and is equipped with a number of advantages, we do hope to make the choice won’t be as much of a task for you. 

So rush to the nearest store and purchase a pair of side zip-up boots right away!

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