Gorgeous Handcrafted Lethato Patina Shoes, Suitable For Every Occasion

August 18, 2021

Gorgeous Handcrafted Lethato Patina Shoes, Suitable For Every Occasion

A good pair of footwear is no less than a best friend. Just like your friends back you up when the times get hard, similarly, a trusty pair of footwear goes a long way in a man's closet!

Wearing footwear is an everyday necessity, but let’s be honest. With revamping fashion trends, why should our style stay stuck in the old times? All that each one of us needs is to add a hint of vogue in our footwear collection, and just like that, we can glam up our fashion statement and make a lot of heads turn. 

Intrigued? Well, you should be! In case, these super enlightening words of acknowledgment have started to probe at your subconscious mind and force you to refurbish your footwear closet, we’re happy to tell you that this is the right platform to be on! So, if you're planning on investing in a spectacularly stylish piece of footwear, handcrafted patina shoes can be a perfect fit for you. 

Birth of the Patinas

Have you ever wondered why men's shoes are mostly crafted in shades of black and brown? Well, that's a little daunting, isn't it? Up until a few years back, designers wouldn't even think of getting out of this stereotypical bubble just because blacks and browns are the most universal colors and sit well with all kinds of attires. But thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. The fashion industry keeps evolving and expanding every day, and so do rival brands to outsmart each other. And in this cut-throat competitive world, sophisticated footwear like patinas steal the show! 

A classic pair of handmade leather shoes is your one-stop solution for all your footwear malfunctions. They’re such a classic and a simple pair of footwear that they go with almost every outfit, which is why they're undoubtedly the most preferred and loved pieces of shoes globally. But before we talk any further about these beauties, it’s essential that we take a dive into their history.

The patinas were first crafted by Olga Berluti, a member of the French shoe company, Berluti. All thanks to their amazing shoe crafting technique, the brand became a real talk of the town in the 80s. An interesting fact about patinas is that they are especially hand-dyed to give the shoes an aged effect. Olga believed that the aged look gave a perfect stand-out look to a shoe, and the more the shoe looks worn out, the more fascinating stories it holds behind it. Now that’s a fascinating point of view, wouldn’t you agree?! 

Craftsmen who build patinas normally use various techniques for coloring the shoes, such as dyes, tints, excessive usage of solvents, and essential oils. In order to give patinas that unique and antique look, unfinished tanned leather is manually dyed and cut, and then finally the entire shoe is aged by using a technique named Anticatura. No wonder patinas are conspired to be the world's best men's dress shoes!

Key features of handcrafted patinas

When someone goes on and on about something, you’re bound to wonder what is it that pushes them to blabber so much, right? Well, here’s the reason we can’t stop talking about handmade patinas:

  • Use of best quality leather
  • When it comes to order-made or handcrafted patinas, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the material. Patinas are the kind of shoes that must beam like lacquer, meaning it's mandatory to use premium quality material. They consist of full-grain leathers that are uncoated, defect-less, and chosen with exceptional skills. That being said, only a true craftsman can build a patina since they’re the only people who can recognize the right material. 

  • Skilled craftsmen
  • As we've already mentioned above, crafting a genuine and premium quality patina is no less than a piece of art. New techniques like vibrant colors, patterns, and everything are cool, but it takes the best of the best artists to create a masterpiece from high-quality produce. All in all, the final product isn't just supposed to be attractive; it should be extremely comfortable too. 

    2 Varieties of Lethato Patinas you should definitely try

    Now that you’re all geared up about them, allow us to introduce you to a couple of varieties of handmade patina shoes by Lethato you’ll absolutely love: 

  • Customized patinas
  • The sole reason why Lethato Patinas are the most loved shoes after Lethato Oxfords is that they're super stylish and can be customized as per your requirements. The range of personalization options that Lethato offers allows buyers to speak their hearts out before their coveted pair is assembled. Trust us! The final product can leave you speechless (in a good way, of course)! 

  • Patina chukka boots
  • If you really have a keen eye when it comes to men's footwear, you'll know how comfortable a pair of chukka boots are. They’re a perfect example of vogue and make for the ultimate staple in every man's wardrobe. Now, what if we tell you that you can get the best possible style quotient of patinas and the comfort of chukka boots in one pair? Sounds like a dream? Well, this can come true if you choose Lethato! 

    Classic Chukka Boots - Tan

    Both men's chukka boots and patinas are exclusively made and sold by thousands of brands, but incredibly enough, Lethato’s in-house craftsmen have devised the ultimate combination of both these varieties to create a pair that’s simply out of this world. To give a vintage-aged look to the good old chukka, they’ve blended the right vibrant colors with selected leather material to give birth to an amazingly breathtaking patina chukka boot collection that’s sold exclusively by Lethato shoes. It seriously cannot get better than this so you have to check them out.

    Looking for a specific patina pair?

    Yes, we hear you! Lethato has amazing collections in so many different categories that getting a little lost is natural. But don’t worry; we’re here to solve that dilemma for you. Here are our top 3 picks for the best handcrafted Lethato patina shoes:

  • Double-tone Patina-finish Tan Penny Loafers
  • Handcrafted with Italian full-grain leather uppers, these penny loafers are a must-have for people having a taste for luxurious style. Sporting a comfortable design and their double-toned hand-painted patina finish adds a style statement to all outfits, be it casual or formal.

    Dual Tone Penny Loafers -Tan

  • Hand-painted Patina-finish Wholecut Navy Oxfords
  • These oxford shoes are a delightful accessory to have in one’s wardrobe. Designed with authentic full-grain Italian leather uppers and giving off a sophisticated patina finish, these shoes are meant to complement all styles, be it casual or formal.

    Wholecut Oxford - Navy

  • Hand Patina-finish Crocs Brown Oxford Sneakers
  • Handcrafted out of full-grain crocodile-embossed calf leather, these shoes feature a Brogue design and a closed-lace look that’s typical of a high-quality pair of shoes. Their brown tint and patina finish makes them suitable for formal occasions, but the crocodile embossing allows using them for casual events as well. 

    Oxford Sneakers - Brown

    Wrapping up

    No matter what occasion it is, a stylish man will always go for a formal pair of footwear that compliments his attire. And according to our fashion sense, a pair of classic retro-finish handmade patinas makes for the ideal choice. They're widely available in interesting colors and patterns and look bomb with every single outfit. But if you want to go all out and have them custom-made (first off great decision), there are plenty of options at Lethato you can consider from. 

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