How to style men’s Derby shoes, Balmorals, and Desert Boots?

October 12, 2022

How to style men’s Derby shoes, Balmorals, and Desert Boots?

What's the first thing you do when you have to step out of the house? Of course, you clean up yourself, but what else? You stand in front of your wardrobe, thinking about the clothing options available to you, right? And after giving it a lot of thought, you finally select that one outfit that seems like the best fit for the day. 

But when it comes to footwear, do you deliberate just as much, or do you just pick up anything that's within your reach? Well, if you’re like most people, you belong to the latter category.

What most of us don’t realize is that the one step of picking out the right men’s stylish shoes has the power to make or break our entire look. Mind you, we aren't kidding! The kind of shoes you pair with your outfit defines your style quotient. And by any chance, if it goes wrong, it can leave a bad impression on whoever is accompanying you or whoever you’re going to meet. 

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you find that perfect pair of men’s footwear for your feet. The one you can never go wrong with whether you're wearing formals or casuals. We’re talking about men’s luxury shoes like Derbies, Balmorals, and Desert boots, and if you like to cast an impression of elegance on your audience, we recommend you read this post till the very end.

What is the difference between Derbies, Balmorals, and Desert boots?

The three outstanding shoe types mentioned above always make people stand out from the crowd. No matter the occasion, time, or weather, they're always comfy, supportive, and most importantly, pleasing to the eyes. But how does one differentiate between them? 

Well, here’s something to get you started…

Derbies – Derby Shoes are a classic example of comfortable men's footwear. Though they're not completely Oxfords, they offer people the same benefits as traditional Oxfords. Most men generally pair derbies with formals, but the shoes look extremely ravishing with casuals too. These men’s dress shoes are commonly found in traditional and sophisticated hues of black and brown, but nowadays, companies like Lethato are taking their chances with them, and doing a good job at it!



Balmorals – If you're into men’s stylish footwear, every now and then you might read about different trending styles out there. And if you do, there’s a high chance you might have come across articles that suggest that Balmorals and Oxfords are nearly the same. Well, to be fair, in reality they're not that close. Balmorals and Oxfords share similar characteristics, but they're basically different from each other. Oxfords are mostly in the form of shoes; Balmorals, on the other hand, are heavily laced-up boots. They're usually combined with casuals or worn in rough and tough conditions, but they go extremely well with semi-formals too, provided you know how to match them.

Desert boots – Falling into the same category as Chukka boots, Desert boots originated in Northern Africa during a time when British soldiers used to wear them on desert campaigns. Though these boots are generally used on the streets nowadays, they offer the same comfort, lightweight design, durability, and flat crepe sole as they did earlier. The only difference is that now they're worn worldwide and are available in a variety of colors. 

Which brand is the best for buying Derby Shoes or Balmorals or Desert Boots?

There are hundreds of boot varieties available in the market. Some are simple, some fancy, some out-of-the-box, but none of them match the quality and standard that Lethato offers. The men’s luxury shoes offered in the company’s collection are not only affordable but unique and comfortable too. 

Here’s a round-up of the interesting variety you can get among Derbies, Balmorals, and Desert boots on Lethato’s website.

Lace-Up Derby Boots

While buying Derbies, you can go for Derby Lace-Up Boots available on Lethato. These are crafted with genuine Italian full-grain leather uppers featuring a unique crocodile-style texture. Along with this, the boots come with hand-built Argentinian leather sole, and their uniqueness is marked by high-quality Blake Stitching and soft leather-cushioned insoles. Available in hues of black and brown, these boots are the epitome of royalty and fashion.


Wingtip Balmoral Boots

Unlike Derbies, you get a wide collection of Balmorals, from classy to funky ones, on Lethato. Its Wingtip collection alone offers five boots, each better in their own sense. You can either go for a simple Olive Lace-Up Boot or, if your fashion sense inclines towards the funky side, you can opt for crocodile patterned brown or tan boots. If you want funky in a classy hue, you can blindly pick up Goodyear Welted Wingtip Brogue Lace-up Boots that come in both tan and brown colors. 



Desert Chukka Boots

If you’re craving a simple and elegant boot, Lethato’s Desert boots are your best shot. Built with high-quality Italian leather, Lethato’s Chukka boots are comfortable and durable. They can be worn in any weather and paired with most outfits. And the best part, you can get them in colors of your choice. Lethato provides Chukka boots in a variety of colors from classic brown, black, and tan to beautiful wine red, python brown, green, and many more.


How to style Derbies, Balmorals, and Desert boots?

Merely purchasing boots isn't enough; you must also know what to pair them with. Aspects like which boot will enhance your personality, which one of them will be comfortable in certain weather or at a particular time, or a certain occasion must be known to every enthusiastic boot-shopper. 


There are numerous ways to style your Derbies, but first, you need to let go of the idea that they only look good with formals. Once you have done that, try complementing your Derbies with a good pair of jeans or chinos, and throw on a comfortable t-shirt. In the case of formals, you can pair Derbies with your regular suit or even combine them with semi-formals; something like a t-shirt, nice and comfy jeans, and a blazer on top.



Balmorals look classy with anything. Regardless of whether you're wearing a relaxed outfit or formal attire, you can rest assured that they'll enhance your overall look. But if you want to level-up your dressing game and stand out from the crowd, pair them smartly. Say, for instance, if you've got black Balmorals, don't combine them with loud prints or patterns. Instead, opt for solids in both formals and informal. Go for single-colored suits or solid t-shirts and jeans. Similarly, if you've got two-toned boots with or without patterns, pair them with casuals rather than going for suits.

Desert boots

One of the most comfortable men’s footwear styles ever, Desert boots can be styled in any way you like. You can wear them with casuals, formals, or semi-formals – just anything that reflects your style. But remember, it's better not to go overboard with things and keep it simple. For a formal look, you can combine them with three-piece suits, tuxedos, or just a waistcoat on top of a perfectly ironed shirt and pants set. But when it comes to casuals and semi-formals, you have a lot of room for experimentation. You can wear t-shirts and jeans with Desert boots. You can add a flannel or jeans jacket, or even a blazer, to give it a cooler look. It's all about how you like to see yourself in the mirror.   

“How can I take care of my boots?”

You can buy the costliest men’s dress shoes on the market, but if you don't know how to take care of them, they won't last for months, let alone years. So go through the points mentioned below very carefully because these little habits can give a new life to your boots.


Many of us think dusting our boots every other day is enough to maintain them. But in reality, it's not! You can start by brushing the boots, but then you have to perform a few additional actions to ensure long life for your precious footwear. The ideal clean-up routine for boots involves dusting them, followed by taking a cotton cloth, adding some leather cleaner to it, and working your way around the boot. Once you've lathered the whole boot, take a fresh, damp cloth and wipe away the cleaner. Take it from us; you won't believe the results.


After you're done cleaning, leave the boots aside for some time and then start conditioning its leather. Don't go for too cheap or too expensive conditioners. Instead, find something that you can use for a long time without worrying about the price. Take a fresh cloth, pour some conditioner on it, and rub over the entire shoe without missing any spot. For a few hours, your boot might appear darker than usual but don't worry; it'll fade away once it's dried. Now leave the boots for a few some time, or better, overnight.


Don't miss this step because this will keep your boot shiny for years to come. Take a hard bristled brush and strike the leather evenly until it starts shining.

To wrap it up

Derbies, Balmorals, and Desert boots are shoes that can never go out of fashion. That being said, if you know how to style them, you can rock them in any era you want, irrespective of the current trends. Just believe in yourself and keep it simple, and the boots will do the rest. 

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