Italian Leather Shoes that’ll Make You Stand Apart From the Crowd

September 08, 2021

Italian Leather Shoes that’ll Make You Stand Apart From the Crowd

Men tend to have an extremely personal and up-close relationship with their shoes. They put in a lot of thought and consideration before investing in that perfect pair, right? And why shouldn’t they? After all, footwear is something you have to pay extra attention to if you want to nail your look.

You can wing it when it comes to other accessories like watches, rings, bracelets, hats, etc. But shoes? Nope, not! They’re the most noticed part of a man’s ensemble, and truly a necessity in their lives. No matter what conditions your feet have to brave or what planned and unplanned occasions you attend, your shoes will protect your feet and adorn them till their very last breath; almost like your partner who stands by you during all the ups and downs of life (not that we’re comparing your partner with a shoe, but you get the drift, right?). And what do you think makes shoes so capable? It’s the quality of the material they’re made with, the techniques they’re stitched with, and the care you put in to maintain them; similar to the effort you put in to maintain your relationship (*wink)!

So why don’t you join us today as we introduce you to the ultimate category of men’s shoes that’ll make you stand out from the crowd? We’re talking about handmade genuine Italian leather shoes, and this is your guide to them. From an introduction to Italian leather to the best varieties of handmade Italian leather shoes – we’ll take you through every little detail in this post. So, without making you wait any further, let’s hop onto the article and find out what’s the whole hype about.

What’s the hype behind Italian leather shoes? 

Speaking of the best quality shoes, nothing can beat the style and supreme comfort of leather shoes. They’re classy, yet utterly non-compromising on quality. To top it off, if you make it a point to always go for handmade leather shoes, my friend, you’re a genius with impeccable taste in fashion! Handmade shoes are a great option if you live for attention to detail and exclusiveness, and of course, don’t mind investing a little extra. 

Now, what would you say if we told you that among Italian leather shoes, there’s yet another classification that’s regarded as the best of the best? Yes, genuine Italian leather handmade shoes are that category of shoes that can be a complete game-changer in a man’s wardrobe. They make you look vogue, stylish, and most importantly, make you stand out of the crowd. 

Captoe Oxford - Red & Black

Italian leather shoes are the best in the market when compared to other shoe patterns. They’re super long-lasting and insanely durable. Not only that, the fine Italian craftsmanship that goes behind every single pair is very well known and highly reputed all across the globe. It is an age-old reliable shoe category that has the trust and belief of millions of happy customers. For hundreds of decades, leather craftsmanship has been an integral and extremely important part of traditional Italian households, and that’s what makes Italian leather handmade shoes such masterpieces.

Top 3 varieties of Italian leather shoes to stand out from the crowd

Leather is a fascinating material. Every single scratch and pore on it narrates its own story. It’s been ages that mankind has been using leather to craft a wide variety of products, but one of the most common and popular uses of leather is to make shoes

There are a bunch of Italian leather varieties used in shoemaking, and quite frankly, it can be a hell of a task to remember each one of them. But you don’t need to worry because we’re here to guide you. Before we jump into the brief categorization though, it's essential to understand that if you are aware and have a decent understanding of various types of mens oxford shoes leather, it will be a piece of cake for you to make more accurate and better choices, in terms of shoe purchase. That’s not it, you’ll be able to learn more about leather and woo your friends with this amazing knowledge!

The most common variety of Italian leather is calfskin. So, let’s start with that first! 

  • Calfskin
  • Calfskin is also known as vellum (derived from Latin). This material is the most popular and widely accepted when it comes to crafting good-quality men’s leather shoes. It is extracted from the skin of young calves (as the name suggests) who are mostly older than 3 months and younger than 12 months. The quality of this leather is impeccable; the material has a very tight grain with few to almost no imperfections, and that makes it a perfect choice to build high-quality leather shoes. Though calfskin does not require a lot of maintenance, it's always a good idea to polish and nourish it regularly so that the longevity of the material is kept intact. If you’re looking for your first leather shoe, calfskin is a safe bet. 

    Medallion Toe Single Monkstrap - Wine Red

    Check out high-quality Italian calfskin leather shoes at Lethato.

  • Suede
  • Honestly, if this article had been written a year ago, we aren’t even sure that suede would even make it to the list. But now, oh boy! Suede is one of our favorites. It is just the perfect material for casual shoes, and especially our favorite sneakers! On one hand, this material (split suede) is perfect to build informal shoes, but on the flip side, suede and water don’t go together very well. It acts as a sponge the moment it comes in contact with water; therefore, it ends up being the most fragile leather.

    Suede Tassel Loafers

    But you don’t need to worry about these cons if you’re always careful about exposing your leather shoes to wet conditions. Suede shoes are ultra classy and give off a sophisticated vibe only a few other shoes can match.

    Check out high-quality Italian suede leather shoes at Lethato.

  • Camel leather
  • Camel leather, though a tad difficult to obtain, is scratch-resistant with a minimum amount of texture. However, the material needs to be sueded first in order to soften it up. FYI, camel leather consists of 10 times more fibers per square centimeter as compared to cowhide. And as far as the colors are concerned, caramel, tan, desert orange are the natural color options available in this category. Needless to say, this is one of the premium qualities of leather used in shoemaking.

    To wrap it up

    The varieties of Italian leather used in handmade shoes are endless. But the ones listed above are the key ones that high-class men’s shoe brands like Lethato prefer. The world of men’s footwear is extremely extravagant and total fun to explore. Not to forget, it’s filled with surprises too! To get a whiff of the different varieties of handmade leather shoes you can equip your shoe closet with, feel free to visit our platform time and again to refresh your memory and take a closer look at some gorgeous designs. 

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