Men’s Wedding Shoes for Upcoming Winter Weddings

August 30, 2022

Men’s Wedding Shoes for Upcoming Winter Weddings

When it comes to an event as lavish as a wedding, it isn’t just the bride who needs to put in effort to look all gorgeous. The groom too needs to take a few steps to flaunt his handsome debonair look. 

Choosing the right kind of ensemble for the big day is one of the most perplexing tasks on a groom's wedding to-do list. We’re not kidding, but there's just too much pressure to look your absolute best on the day. 

Now, we understand there's not much to play around with when it comes to men’s couture or silhouette, but one can amp up their look by investing in good quality, smart, specially designed men’s footwear for weddings. When chosen wisely, such shoes can end up being a worthwhile long-term investment. 

If you're looking forward to buying the right footwear for your winter wedding day, but have absolutely no idea where to start, this article is just for you! Here, we’ll take you through some top-notch, good looking and comfortable men’s wedding shoes that will make you look suave and stand out from the crowd. But, first, let's have a look at some indispensable factors one must keep in mind while picking the right footwear. 

What factors should I consider when buying men’s wedding shoes?

  • Wedding theme
  • The possibilities and options around wedding themes are limitless. They can range from romantic to rustic or glamorous holiday weddings. As the groom (or celebrated guest), you should always go hand in hand with the wedding theme and stick to the specific color pallet.

  • Wedding procession
  • The formalities that'll take place during the wedding also play a major role when selecting the perfect men’s wedding shoes. Don't forget to ponder around the family customs and wedding celebrations. 

  • Suit style and color
  • Your outfit and footwear should always complement each other. You must not ignore the style and color of your wedding suit while picking your footwear. Your first attempt should be to match your shoe color with your suit color, but if that seems difficult, go for classic contrasts that never fail. 

  • Wedding season
  • The season in which the wedding ceremony is going to take place is another important factor. Summers and winters have different qualities; therefore, both of them require different styles and variety of footwear. 

  • Comfort
  • The most important criteria of selecting men’s wedding shoes is the level of comfort they provide. Such shoes often take a huge chunk out of your wallet, which is why they need to be super comfortable and wearable. After all, you'll be wearing them for quite a long time and even after your wedding day is over

    Best men’s wedding shoes for winters

  • Loafers
  • Designer slipper style shoes are a perfect definition of class and appeal in this modern era. They are the coolest men's wedding shoes that symbolize a balance of class, sophistication, and smartness. Grooms who like to pull off that edgy look and be the center of attraction can opt for these beauties. After all, there's no harm if a groom standing at the end of the aisle grabs some attention and generates a buzz for his unique fashion sense. 

  • Chukka boots
  • With an impressively high ankle and laces that are intelligently hidden by the hem of well-tailored trousers, men's chukka boots are one of the most stylish and versatile pairs of men’s footwear that could ever exist in the market. These boots go extremely well with any shade of grays, browns, and even blacks. That's not it; chukkas are great formal as well as casual boots that will also go well with khakis and chinos when paired smartly. 

  • Derbies
  • Every man should definitely own a pair of derbies in his footwear closet! These shoes are not only versatile, but can be a brilliant backup option too when you have no idea what to wear. Derbies can be easily paired with any outfit and be worn to any place, be it work, church, dinner, or anywhere you prefer. They come with aggressive yet elite needlework across the cap and around the vamp which gives them a different look, making them apt for a traditional church wedding ceremony. 

  • Double monk straps boots
  • These shoes never fail to draw the attention of the public and make you stand out from the crowd. The pointed clean curves and high polished finish of the boots make them a super special and scintillating addition to your footwear closet. 

  • Black leather shoes
  • This “future wife approved” shoe is all that you need to complement your wedding suit. It is an excellent investment and a great addition to your wardrobe as this kind of shoe can be worn a zillions times without getting boring. Black leather lace-up shoes go extremely well with formal outfits giving you a clean silhouette. These men's dress shoes come with cushioned insoles that provide true comfort to your feet on a long eventful evening. 

    How to take care of expensive men’s footwear?

    It's easy to invest your hard-earned money in a pair of men's wedding shoes, but it's a huge responsibility to take care of them. The first thing you'll have to do is, separate the laces from the shoe, and soak the laces in some lukewarm water mixed with a little laundry detergent. After this, you’ll need to use a damp cloth to wipe out any loose dirt from the boots and scrub off any marks and scuffs with the help of a soft-bristled brush. Once you're done, leave both shoes and the laces to dry naturally. 

    To ensure that your men’s footwear lasts for a longer time, storing them under the correct circumstances is essential. After cleaning and drying them thoroughly, make sure to stuff them with some paper or shoe trees so that the shoe maintains its shape correctly, even when not in use. Make sure you store your boots upright for the best results. 

    In Conclusion

    So there you have it; the most popular, stylish, and high-on comfort men’s wedding shoes that will make your winter wedding a piece of cake. You can buy any of these shoes from Lethato’s official website and also have a look at their other amazing winter footwear. 

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     All our shoes are designed to match standard UK & US dress shoe sizes. However, to ensure the perfect fit, please go through below size chart:




    Approx. Foot length in cms

    Approx. Foot length in Inches

    5 6 39 23.3 -23.9 9 2/8.6- 9 4/8
    6 7 40 24.2 -24.8 9 5/8 -9 7/8




    25.0 - 25.5

    9 7/8 – 10 1/8




    25.8 - 26.3

    10 1/8 – 10 3/8




    26.5 - 27.0

    10 3/8 – 10 5/8




    27.3 – 27.8

    10 6/8 – 11




    28.0 – 28.5

    11 – 11 2/8




    28.7 – 29.2

    11 2/8 – 11 4/8




    29.5 – 30.0

    11 5/8 – 11 7/8




    30.2 – 30.8

    11 7/8 – 12 1/8

     For a correct shoe size, please take the time to measure your foot. 

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