Oxford Dress Shoes – All you need to know

Oxford Dress Shoes – All you need to know

March 03, 2020

Looking good isn’t limited to picking out a great outfit. You need to couple that with an eye-catchy hairdo, classy accessories, and a great pair of shoes. And that goes for men and women both.

Talking about men’s attire, shoes play a crucial role in enhancing the overall impact. Hence, if you want to make a strong style statement, you should select Leather Dress Shoes for Men that just can’t go wrong.

In our opinion, there’s the only category of shoes that fit that standard – Oxford Dress Shoes.

What are Oxford Dress Shoes?

Oxford dress shoes have a distinctive characteristic – their shoelace eyelet tabs are attached under the vamp. This feature is called “closed lacing,” and this is what makes these shoes perfect for any occasion. While oxford dress shoes for men work well for any event – business, formal, or casual – if you’re wearing a suit, no other shoes will complement your look as well as them.

Typically, oxfords are low-heeled, closed lace-up, round-toed shoes that leave your ankle exposed. Don’t get confused between other shiny leathery “closed lacing” shoes that are either square-toed or slip-one; they aren’t oxford.

Types of Oxford Dress Shoes

Now that you know which pair is an oxford and which isn’t, you should also know that there are various types of oxford dress shoes:

  • Plain-toe: cleanest, most elegant, most formal
  • Cap-toe: an additional piece of leather stitched over the toe
  • Wingtip: M-shaped toe cap having edges that extend along the entire side of the shoe
  • Balmoral: M-shaped cap sans broguing
  • Whole-cut: cut from a single piece of leather, very sleek
  • Saddle: an additional strip of leather in a different color running from the middle to the sole.

Final Thoughts

Imagine combining the high-quality of oxford dress shoes with the finesse of hand-craftsmanship. Wouldn’t that be a winner? Handmade premium-quality leather shoes for men would enhance your personality many folds. So the next time when you’re buying shoes for yourself, do try out oxfords, and if possible, pick only handcrafted stuff.

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