Spectator shoes are what you need for the warm weather

June 03, 2022

Spectator Wingtip Oxfords

Going through your wardrobe, have you ever felt a lack of eye-catching garments or footwear? Well, you're not alone! 

Most men struggle to find something unique in their closets. While buying clothes or footwear, they often look for something out-of-the-box, but usually settle with the same old solid hues. Even if they find something exceptional, it's generally in the case of apparel, leaving the footwear section dull and boring as always. 

But what if we said you had a chance to add freshness to your footwear collection? Yep, you can reward yourself with a shoe that's both funky and elegant at the same time. Something that suits both formal and casual occasions and still helps you stand out from the crowd. 

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, believe it or not, spectator shoes offer these qualities and more. Join us as we show you.

What are spectator shoes and how to differentiate them from their counterparts?

Spectator shoes, also known as co-respondent shoes, are nothing but regular oxfords, derbies, or loafers with a combination of colors. Previously, they used to come in combinations of white and black or brown and white, but with changing times, shoemakers began experimenting with more alternatives. And that caught customers' attention, making these beauties a huge hit. 

To differentiate a spectator shoes from others, usually, one should look for the dual-tone. Once that box gets ticked, check whether or not the toe, facings, and counters are in the same color as compared to the vamp and quarters. If those are also in place, you've got a quality spectator shoe. If you aren't familiar with terms like toe, facings, counters, vamps, and quarters, don't get confused. These are just different parts of a shoe.

A brief history of spectator shoes

The credit for this exceptionally beautiful piece of art goes to a renowned English shoemaker John Lobb. In 1868, Lobb designed the first spectator shoe as a cricket shoe. At that time, cricket shoes were purely white and usually got covered with dirt after every game. To resolve this problem, Lobb added black leather to the areas that got dirty sooner, and the spectator came to life. For a couple of years, it was seen on almost every golfer and cricketer's feet. 

Spectator Wingtip Oxford - Black & White

However, in the 1920s, when fashion was at its peak, the spectator started getting criticized. People complained its flamboyant appearance looked ungentlemanly and labeled it for lounge lizards and divorcees. This gave rise to its other name, i.e., the co-respondent shoe. A decade later, when the Duke of Windsor was seen sporting a lot of spectator loafers, the shoe got its reputation back and became an acceptable dress shoe. However, by the end of WWII, spectators lost their charm and were rarely seen in stores.  

But as they say, a classic never goes out of style. The spectator made a huge comeback in the 1980s under Michael Jackson's guidance. And till today, the dress shoe is worn by artists and people who admire the glorious twenties and thirties.

What to look for in a quality spectator shoe?

A quality spectator shoe will always have some amount of leather in its construction. Generally, shoemakers add it to the toe, facings, and heel, but it can vary from design to design. 

Some other things you must keep an eye on in spectator shoes include:

  • Materials

First up, materials play a huge role in any shoe's styling and comfort. Commonly materials like buckskin, canvas, and suede are used to craft spectator shoes. That being said, it isn't impossible to find them in pure leather forms. Certain stores craft these beauties as per the customer's preference, so you can easily get what you need. Now, let's find out how the comfort level and styling differ with materials. 

  • Buckskin

Previously, buckskin was the preferred material for spectator shoes. It was soft on the toes and complemented the corresponding dark calfskin portions of the shoe perfectly. However, with time shoemakers stopped using buckskin due to the harm it caused to the animal and moved to other alternatives. 

  • Canvas

Spectators created using canvas are dubbed the colonial style as British Colonials used the same material to create these beauties in their period. However, it turned out to be a better option as opposed to buckskin as it allowed the feet to breathe in warm weather. 

  • Suede

Suede spectators are the best option to date. Apart from the unique styling, they offer more comfort and a light feel, making it easy for people to wear them for a longer period.

  • Colors

As mentioned earlier, black and white, brown and white, brown and tan, burgundy and tan, or white are the go-to colors for most spectators. However, the black and white combination was usually linked with gangster costumes; a big reason why many men avoid it even though it's the best mix of colors. But today, these details don't play a big role. Nowadays, you can find spectators in the most unexpected colors. And mind you! They still look as ravishing as always. 

Where to find classy spectator shoes?

Spectator shoes are a classic and can be found at any renowned shoe store. But if you want the best of the best, where quality, comfort, and design all fall in the same line, check out Lethato's spectator shoes and we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed. 

Lethato has been offering extraordinary spectators for quite some years now, and it is doing a wonderful job. Its customers vouch for the brand and its products, and the shoes, of course, speak for themselves the moment you try them on. 

Here is a lineup of some of their best-selling shoes:

  • Wingtip oxford

Available in two beautiful color combinations of purple and white and black and white, the Wingtip oxford is crafted with colored calfskin leather and patent leather uppers. It has Blake Stitching construction and golden-colored metal aglet shoelace tips that add a luxurious look to the body. The brogue features and perforation on the toe make the shoe more breathable, while the cushioned leather insole adds more comfort to the feet.

Spectator Wingtip Oxford - Purple & White

  • Wingtip Brogue Oxford

With numerous hues and textures, you get a wide variety of options in the Wingtip Brogue Oxford section. Each shoe is handmade and crafted from 100% genuine full-grain Italian leather uppers. All of them are decorated with golden metal aglet shoelace tips and feature a cushioned insole along with a rubber patch underneath. This rubber patch offers grip on slippery surfaces and prevents any accident.  

Wingtip Brogue Oxford - Brown & Blue

  • Medallion Toe Oxford

This brown-colored oxford features a full-grain Italian leather upper along with unique metal aglet shoelace tips and Blake Stitching. It also has high-quality finishing in crocodile style and hand-built Argentinean leather sole. Perforation on the toe and a lace-up design make this pair all the more worthy of people's attention.

Medallion Toe Oxford - Brown

Source - The Modest Man

  • Plain Toe Blucher 

Available in an exceptional dual-toned green, this blucher shoes will get a lot of heads turned. Its genuine leather upper and Blake stitching will make it long-lasting, while the golden metal aglet shoelace tips will add a luxe touch to it. Moreover, the hand-built Argentinian leather sole will make sure the comfort factor is in place and the rubber patch underneath will give full support and traction.  

Plain Toe Blucher - Green

How to style spectator shoes? 

Since spectator shoes have such a bold appearance, they need to be styled cautiously. Pairing them with any outfit without thinking can result in a disaster. Imagine entering your workplace with all eyes staring at you or walking down the road and being a spectacle for everyone. Wouldn't it be awfully awkward? 

Well, to avoid situations like these, try to dress down a bit. Wear subtle clothes like a solid tailored suit with a matching tie and shirt. This will gel with your spectator shoes. Another thing you could do is opt for a vintage look. Try pairing your spectators with a brown cord or chino, a dark check or plain shirt, and a tweed waistcoat. This, again, would look elegant and not gain undue attention.     

To Conclude

Despite the criticisms spectators received in the past, spectators are considered ravishing pieces of dress shoes. Their design, the perforation, the comfort level, and the breathability factor all together make them a huge hit and a permanent member of the men's classic footwear collection. Above all, they complete that formal but not so formal look and add freshness to men's wardrobes. 

When footwear is offering so much, don't you think you should give it a try?

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