The Perfect Guide to Finding the Right Pair of Winter Boots – 2022 Edition

February 09, 2022

The Perfect Guide to Finding the Right Pair of Winter Boots – 2022 Edition

HOLA our fellow winter lovers! We hope the holiday season has treated you just about right. Speaking of which, here's a quick question for all our fashion enthusiastic readers – which is your most preferred season to dress more stylishly and look structured? Winters, right!? Of course, it’s not like you mustn’t look stylish in every season, but winters bring a ton of shazam on the table. We aren’t only talking about the fuzzy sweaters, mufflers, overcoats, etc. but also about that quintessential winter footwear that will help you keep warm and comfortable throughout the season. 

Finding the right pair of winter/snow boots is not less than a hefty task. It's important to understand that the temperatures during this time of the season keep on fluctuating; meaning, the struggle to find an appropriate pair seems to exist throughout these months. But there’s no need to worry ‘coz today we’ve got a guide that you can keep handy in every upcoming winter. 

Captoe Double Monkstrap Zipper Boots - Brown & Blue

The key is to understand your requirements and look in the right place, therefore, we bring you 2022’s ultimate winter footwear guide that’ll address and fix all your foot-related issues. There’s a huge variety of boots available in the market, but do they actually solve your concerns? That’s exactly what we’ll find out. 

So, without any further delays, let's guide you through with the basics of “how to pick a decent pair of winter boots”?

Golden rules to follow when buying winter boots 

Before we get into the technicalities and help you rule out a well-structured footwear guide, here are some key notes you might want to check out. 

Just like with financing, a specialist has to follow certain rules and regulations to get the numbers right, similarly, when it comes to winter footwear, to shop smartly you must follow a bunch of tips.

  • Try the shoes with socks 

In case you aren’t really sure about the fit or design of the boots, try them on while wearing socks. Put on a pair of socks that you’re planning on wearing and go for the trial. This practice will help you understand the fitting better. 

  • Afternoon trials

It may sound funny, but the best time for shoe trials is the afternoon. Science proves that human feet tend to expand a little during the daytime (not that you can see), which is why the afternoon is the best time to find your true shoe size. 

  • Move a little

While purchasing winter Leather Chelsea Boots for Men, it's essential to move around a little and walk after putting on the boots. What that will achieve is that your feet will feel more settled and comfortable, or else you’ll end up struggling a bit.

Mens Chelsea Boots  - Black

Factors you must consider while purchasing a pair of winter boots

Now, as we already mentioned, different individuals have different requirements when it comes to footwear, and there’s a boot for every one of them. Also, there are a bunch of important factors you must consider while being on a winter footgear hunt. Here are some of them:


Did you know that most of our body’s heat is released through the hands, head, and feet? That’s exactly why you need to think twice while picking a pair of winter boots. They should keep your feet warm and well-insulated in order to keep the winter chills away. You can go for the traditional shearling lining, the best one to keep you all toasted. Sadly, these days finding the exact same material is a bit tricky since it makes the shoe feel very heavy. But fashionable shoemakers have come up with a synthetic substitute that works equally fine.


It is essential to understand that all winter boots aren’t waterproof, meaning they won’t be of any use on a wet, slushy day. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix this problem. A special spray, that’s mainly used to increase the longevity of your mens leather chukka boots, might come in very handy. It will not only enhance the look of your footwear but will also make it waterproof and help it last longer. And all that for a very reasonable price!


Chukka Boots - Green

This is an extremely important factor that you must consider without any fail. One job a pair of boots should do is stop you from tripping on slippery surfaces. To avoid any such conditions, we highly advise you to go for rubber soles, considering rubber is the only material that works well in all weather conditions.

Functional closures

If your everyday life revolves around outdoor activities or running errands, consider going for a full men’s lace-up boot. It fits well, provides comfort, and keeps your feet secure. Whereas, zippers and Velcro aren’t considered to be that practical or secure.

Height of the boot

A tall boot is best suited for snow treks and walking comfortably in the dense snow. It’ll not only keep you warm and insulated but will also keep your calves warm during those chilly winter waves. But if you’re looking for a more comfortable fit, we’ll prefer going for shorter boots as it's easier to wear and is best for everyday use.

Two-piece VS one-piece design – which one is better?

If you’ve managed to come this far, you’ve already become a genius in winter boot selection! But that was just the basic part of the equation – factors you must not compromise on. Here on, we will discuss the styling and maintenance part of it.

Cross Strap Boots - Brown & Blue

According to our POV, classic two-piece designs like Joan of Arctic and Sorel Caribou are the best quality winter boots you can ever invest your money in. They come with a thick outer shell along with a removable inner lining that works great for waterproofing and providing that much-needed warmth to the feet. The cherry on the cake is that you can easily remove these linings, wash them, and use them again. Quite manageable! Additionally, these removable liners are feather soft, and provide insane amounts of comfort and cushioning. It makes you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud. What more could you ask for? On the contrary, what we’ve seen is that two-piece winter boots are a lot less optimal in order to cover more groundwork activities like winter hiking, snowshoeing, and much more. Moreover, one-piece designs move better on sloppy paths and give an amazing overall result. 

So, the moral of the story is, whatever works for you and sits right with your checklist, go for that particular design.

Cost of a good quality winter boot

If you’re not a brand-conscious person and buying over-the-top expensive items has never been on your list, make sure you don’t get bamboozled while buying the right kind of winter boots. There are times when people get carried away by the brand name or style of the product, but in reality, those products don’t really serve the required purpose. For instance, shearling boots are a hot trend as of now. They’re built with fine quality sheepskin material, they provide warmth and comfort, but they aren’t a great choice when it comes to performing outdoor activities. Also, they aren’t water-resistant and can be easily stained by snow or salt.

To change the outlook a bit, there are other less-known winter boots that might not be very famous amongst buyers, but they are made of high-quality material and fulfill the requirements as and when needed. 

So, the ball’s in your court! Wherever you want to spend your money, try and make the most out of it.

How to maintain your winter boots?

Simply spending a lot of money on a decent pair of winter boots won’t do the job as seamlessly as you imagine. Once you buy them, you’ll have to take good care of them if you want your money’s worth. Here are some key pointers you can follow:

  • Make it a point to clean your boots completely once you’re done wearing them. At times the snow salts can leave a mark if they aren't cleaned regularly.
  • Try to keep two pairs of boots for all your outside activities. In case one gets dirty you can switch to the other one.
  • Make sure to store them in a clean, moisture-free environment, or else the boots will end up smelling fishy and make your feet stinky too.


For people who spend most of their year in cold parts of the world, a pair of good-quality winter boots can do wonders. They not only act as a good accessory but will also save you from all sorts of snow mishaps that can make your life no less than a living hell.

We hope this article helped you learn more about winter boots and their nitty-gritty. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Till then, enjoy your winters. Ciao!

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