Top 5 Reasons to Buy Wholecut Oxford Leather Shoes

February 10, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Wholecut Oxford Leather Shoes

We believe that the three words that impeccably define Wholecut Oxford shoes are perfect, exquisite, and sophisticated!

Specially crafted with high-quality leather, Wholecut Oxfords look elegant with their spotless lines, smooth finish, and slim shape. Whether you want to wear them for an interview, a dinner date, or on your big day, Wholecut Oxfords go with any occasion and attire. In fact, they’re among the most sought after wedding shoes for men, that work equally well with jeans as well as trousers.

So if you’ve never bought a pair of wholecut Oxfords for yourself, it’s high time you give them a shot. And to help you see the benefit in buying them, we’ve compiled this list of the top 5 reasons to buy wholecut Oxford leather shoes. Check it out.

  1. Pro-versatile

Simple yet classy, Wholecut Oxfords are undeniably handy. Their meek adornment is why they’re iconic in formal-wear fashion. These Italian leather shoes work fine with any tuxedo, but that’s not all. This dress shoe flexes and flaunts with any attire, say even a bomber jacket. This is why we like to call them pro-versatile! They feature a closed-lace design just like traditional Oxfords, and that’s why we believe they work fine for all events. Be it with jeans, trousers, shirts, or any outfit, wholecut Oxfords enhance your style appeal by several notches.

Wholecut Oxford Black

  1. Sleek design

In terms of design, we know that wholecut Oxford shoes are similar to the regular Oxfords, but what sets them apart is their minimalist design which never fails to attract the people around. Their single evident seam at the heel as well as the seam at the shaft with spotless lines promises elegance. The thin, narrow shape of the footwear is aesthetically pleasing, and it’s no wonder that Oxfords are the fashion industry’s most sought and bought shoes. The calfskin leather used to make these shoes provides durability and comfort, and thus, they are one of the most promising footgear. Every gentleman deserves a pair of these men's Italian leather dress shoes because they won’t disappoint to present your superiority, anywhere. 

  1. Exquisite craftsmanship

It’s no wonder that wholecut Oxfords are counted among the best dress shoes for men. After all, they’re crafted with some of the most high-quality materials. Wholecut Oxford shoes are pricey but that’s because of their modest pattern that’s curated by experienced Italian shoemakers with the finest leather pieces. Be it from any manufacturer, wholecut Oxfords are always free of blemishes and dents. The smooth texture and refined surface of these shoes is most loved by all buyers. In comparison to regular footwear, Oxfords are regarded very highly for their careful assembly. And while making any supreme quality shoe is tricky, crafting a wholecut Oxford is much more difficult.

Wholecut Oxford Navy

  1. Ideal wedding shoes

Doesn’t every groom love to dress up on his big day? Well, we certainly believe that as the groom you’d want to be in the spotlight. And we assure you, a decent pair of wholecut oxfords can surely help you ace your wedding look. Stepping into the big scene with a crisp, neat wedding suit paired with a shining pair of wholecut Oxford is going to be gob-smacking. If you ask us why, it’s simply because they captivate the spotless shiny polished look with a no-stitch design and wrinkle-less leather. The whole shoe’s texture ensures smoothness and gloss along with poise, and thus, wearing one for your wedding would be a game changer.

  1. Your foot’s pal 

While some people may find the narrow cut of this pair uncomfortable, in reality, wholecut oxford shoes that match your feet size are sure to be the coziest footwear you can buy for yourself. The stitch and vamp of the pair can assume the shape of your feet if they’re made properly. And this is because real leather tends to expand and hug your feet perfectly after a few wears. So, while buying a wholecut Oxford, choose the best shoemaker brand and the right size.

Want to buy Wholecut Oxfords? Here are a few points to remember

As much as Oxfords are perfect, there are slight downsides to them too. But the fact is that these cons won’t affect everyone. So, have a look at our opinions and plan your purchase accordingly.

  • Wholecut Oxford shoes are elegant, but their décor is very plain. If you’re looking for footwear that needs to match a glamorous, heavy adorned outfit then you might need a flashier shoe.
  • Men who have wide feet will find this shoe’s narrow cut and closed lace a bit uncomfortable at first. Though it will loosen up with a few wears, if you’re skeptical, we’d suggest a Wingtip Oxford, which works for those with a high arch as well.
  • A brand-new white dress looks much brighter than a used one. Just like that, after a few usages of a wholecut Oxford, there are chances of creases to appear on the shoe, and they’re made of a single piece of leather so there won’t be a wing or toe cap to hide those.

On a more positive note, wholecut Oxfords work for every attire and event. Hence, if you feel the above-mentioned issues won’t affect you, then this shoe is a best-to-go!

Wrapping it up

It’s a great choice to hit a shoe store right away and add a wholecut Oxford to your cart. We earnestly believe these shoes are ideal for all occasions and ensembles. And while everyone has a unique style, wholecuts are amazing as evening shoes for a dinner party and as casual wear for a day with friends. Their versatility, design, and refinement are why one can sport even a casual outfit, say a hoodie, with them. Colors like brown, tan, black, gray are the common choice for a formal event, but these shoes come in various colors as well which you can pair accordingly to your outfits.


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 All our shoes are designed to match standard UK & US dress shoe sizes. However, to ensure the perfect fit, please go through below size chart:




Approx. Foot length in cms

Approx. Foot length in Inches

5 6 39 23.3 -23.9 9 2/8.6- 9 4/8
6 7 40 24.2 -24.8 9 5/8 -9 7/8




25.0 - 25.5

9 7/8 – 10 1/8




25.8 - 26.3

10 1/8 – 10 3/8




26.5 - 27.0

10 3/8 – 10 5/8




27.3 – 27.8

10 6/8 – 11




28.0 – 28.5

11 – 11 2/8




28.7 – 29.2

11 2/8 – 11 4/8




29.5 – 30.0

11 5/8 – 11 7/8




30.2 – 30.8

11 7/8 – 12 1/8

 For a correct shoe size, please take the time to measure your foot. 

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