Wrap up 2021 With the All-time Favorite Boot Styles

January 13, 2022

Wrap up 2021 With the All-time Favorite Boot Styles

To all the urban men out there – in case you didn’t know, the very first thing that catches people’s attention in a man’s ensemble isn’t his hair, shirt, or watch, but his pair of shoes. Male readers, we hope you’re now understanding why your charm didn’t work at the last party. 

But better late than never! If the concept of trendy footwear for men is dawning upon you as we speak, we’re only too glad, because this guide is going to introduce you to almost everyone’s favorite footgear of all time – boots!

Boots are ever-stylish, ever-chic, and ever durable. This is why every man has at least one pair in his wardrobe. However, considering the multitude of styles that boots offer, it’s natural for an amateur to be overwhelmed when it comes to picking a style that suits him and his wallet alike.

If you’re stuck in the same dilemma, we feel you! And to make your life a tad easy, we’ve rounded up five classy boot styles that’ll make your shoe collection got to go for all seasons. So, grab your cup of hot chocolate, settle down, and keep reading!   

Five Awesome Styles for the Awesome You

#1 – Chelsea boots

Dating back to 19th century Victorian England, this lace-less style owes its name to the Chelsea Boot Company. This timeless piece of Victorian-era fashion made a big comeback in the 1960s with the aid of everyone’s favorite – The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. And since then, Chelsea boots have become everyone’s cuppa. 

But what is so special about this style that it’s still everyone’s favorite?

Why go for Chelsea boots?

  • Owing to their versatility, Men's Leather Chelsea Boots can be worn on any occasion; formal, semi-formal, or casual
  • Although close-fitting, these boots are easy to slip on and slip off.
  • As the ankle-high elastic side panel extends up to the tip of the boot opening, it makes the boots super comfortable!
  • Chelsea boots have an ultraclean silhouette. No lace, no mess!
  • Chelsea boots offer variegated color options, namely, red, oxblood, and blue, along with the basic ones of brown, tan, gray, and black.

Above all, who can even ignore the minimalist aesthetic that this style emanates?

Black Chelsea Boots

Style Considerations

Pair Chelsea boots with literally anything and you would look like an absolute bomb! Still, fashion being a sensitive arena, we’ve narrowed down some style considerations for you.

  • Formal look – Go for black or brown Chelseas and pair them with dark-colored leather jackets, skinny or slim denim.
  • Semi-formal look – Black Chelseas with a black or gray suit or Brown Chelseas with a blue suit.
  • Casual – Dark suede or matte brown boots with bomber or field jackets.

For the best line-up of Chelsea boots in town, don’t forget to check out Lethato’s unique collection here.

#2 – Chukka boots

Also known as turf boots or desert boots, Chukkas derived their name from the word ‘chukker’ which is a seven-minute period of the polo game. This ankle-high boot is mostly a casual style with two or three pairs of eyelets and open lacing. But were they solely used by the military? Nope, not at all! Despite their wide use in the army, Chukka boots became an intrinsic part of an Englishman’s wardrobe, being elevated by the enigmatic star, Steve McQueen.

Here are the reasons why you should be purchasing these boots.

Why go for Chukka boots?

Classic Chukka Boots - Python Brown

  • Classic plain toe design, open lacing system, and simplistic ankle-length cut; Chukka boots have a laid-back simplicity that makes them all the way more attractive.
  • Just like the Chelseas, the versatility of Chukka boots allows you to wear them on any occasion, pair them with any dress, and make you the center of attention!
  • Another perk? You can go absolutely sockless with chukkas because they tie up very near to your lower legs.

Style Considerations

  • For the geeky look - go for a Brown Chukka Boot with a mid-grey or navy suit or with flannel, cuffed jeans, and a light vest.
  • To sport that trendy winter-man look - go for brown chukka boots with oversized jackets or knitwear and dark jeans.
  • To bring in that funk, pair basic shaded Chukka boots with patterned socks.

Don’t forget to check out Lethato’s unique Chukka Boots collection here.

#3 – Captoe boots

If you’re somebody who loves meticulous details even in shoes, Captoe boots would be the best style for you. The horizontal stitching across the toe box which extends up to the edge on either side has a fine casualness about it. Surely, it would complement your carefree soul! And just in case you’re wondering if Captoe Boots have a historical significance, we do know this – although not much is known about them, Oxfords (which look much like the Captoes) were in trend at Oxford University in the 17th century as “Oxonians.” This style is also known as “Balmorals'' because of some unknown connection with Balmoral Castle in Scotland. 

Captoe Lace Up Boots - Croc Navy

So, should you invest in this style? Let’s see.

Why go for Captoe Boots?

  • Captoe boots have an extra edge of subtlety than a plain-toe because of the cap across the boot.
  • They’re available in the market in variegated colors and styles.

Style Considerations

Just tone down the type and color and voila! Wear Captoe boots to any occasion you feel like! That’s the perk of being highly versatile. Below we’ve listed multiple options for your formal look:

  • Calfskin blucher goes best with medium-to-light colored cotton suits, denim or chinos
  • Black leather oxford and a white tie- which lady can move her eyes off you?
  • If you’re going for calfskin oxford, obviously pair it with anything- suits, tuxedos, or jackets in the darker shade.

For a semi-formal or a casual look:

  • Loafers and chinos for the quintessential brunch look
  • White quarter brogue
  • Burgundy calfskin Captoes
  • Light-colored leather or suede
  • Black Wingtip Oxfords for the dinner date.

You dare not miss out on Lethato’s handpicked collection of Captoe boots here.

Wingtip Brogue Oxford - Black

#4 – Work boots

Are you an out-and-out workaholic? Well then, Work boots are your perfect match. Also known as engineer boots, Work boots were first designed for rail-road workers. Having a heavier aesthetic, they perfectly complement your winter or cocktail outfits. Thereby, this style leaves no chance of being confined to just miners. 

Now, why should the tough, workaholic macho in you, look at no other style than work boots?

Why go for Work boots?

  • No matter how much you have to burn your pocket to buy work boots, their reliable construction and tough aesthetic absorb the value of each penny that you’ve put in.
  • A lazy day at the office or a toiling day at a mine, the double-layered cap-toe protects your feet at any cost.
  • You can even wear them to your favorite snow-covered winter destination!

Style Considerations

For a typical work look:

  • Denim/chambray shirt with a steel boot
  • Boot-cut jeans with a light-hued shirt

For a casual look:

  • Hoodies, light or heavy vests, and denim jackets
  • Cuffed blue jeans with bomber jackets

#5 – Wingtip boots

Enough of being the archetypal rough and tough guy. What do our chocolate boys go for? Also called the brogue boots, Wingtip Boots are the ultimate footwear for the sweet ones. Having originated in English hunting parties, wingtip boots have victoriously evolved from the rustic rural to the urban elegance. This style owes its name to the Gaelic word “brog,” meaning “shoe.” We bet you have surely seen Englishmen in movies wearing brogues even indoors! 

Wingtip Lace Up Boots - Croc Brown

But what’s so special about wingtip boots that they have captured such closeness with mankind?

Why go for Wingtip boots?

  • A good choice for your hangouts, not just too chic cafes but even to the muddy riverside as the tiny holes in the boot will allow water to seep out rather than accumulating inside.
  • Adds an air of classy casualness to your casual outfit.

Style Considerations

  • Chinos or jeans
  • Suits and sports coat
  • Casual collared shirt and jeans

Do check out Lethato’s to-die-for Wingtip boots collection here.

Apart from these five fabulous styles, some other notable boot styles that one can look out for are Moc toe boots, Hiking boots, Jodhpur Boots, Hunting boots, Trench boots, Combat boots, Cowboy boots, Sneaker boots, Rainboots, and so on.

Wrapping it up

Well, the degree of confusion that had reached the peak, has subsided, we suppose? Even if you’re still a bit confused, we’d advise you to explore well and consider the season in which you’re buying your new pair. This is an important exercise as even before you speak, shoes exhibit your emotion, emanating your personality like a mirror. 

So, what are you waiting for? This holiday season, splurge like a billionaire and be the trendiest man one has ever seen! 

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