Every Man’s Guide to Pick the Right Chukka Boots

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Every Man’s Guide to Pick the Right Chukka Boots

If you’re reading this, you probably have your eyes on chukka boots, and we’ve got to admit, it’s a great choice. Whenever chukka boots come up in a conversation, the mind races back to Steve McQueen. The American actor (and the undivided boss of Chukka Boots) who wowed the audience with his screen presence, had a style every man wanted to follow. And when it came to his personal style statement, chukka boots were an integral part of it.

Chukka boots were primarily invented for G&T polo players, but they created a niche audience for themselves when armed forces started using them during World War 2. But that doesn’t mean it’s a boot that suits only the rough terrain. Today, chukkas are counter among the most versatile footwear and complement every season and trend. That’s why this boot is known as the foot’s pal which challenges every rough terrain.


The boot indeed has a rich legacy but that doesn’t mean you can’t style it with a Hawaii-themed shirt and trousers. Chukka boots are one of a kind when it comes to leather boots as they’re simple and humble. Let’s dive into some interesting details.

Starting with the basics – What’s a chukka boot?

Let’s begin with how they look and feel: “stylish, classic, comfortable, versatile and functional”. These are not our words but the gist of user reviews about these boots across multiple shopping platforms.

Moving on to what they are: ankle-high, lightweight, and cozy footwear made with leather and rubber. Though that’s a simple way to describe them, there’s actually an interesting story behind how these shoes came to be known as chukkas.

These trendy Italian leather boots got their name from a polo game known as chukker or chukka, but what’s noteworthy is that they’re said to have originated in India while the British ruled. Now that’s what we call a fascinating history behind a simple boot!

What’s the difference between chukka boots & desert boots?

If someone asks you to compare desert boots and chukka boots, you might easily get confused because desert boots are a subtype of the chukka boots. The only naked distinguishing factor is the sole as chukka boots have thin ones and desert boots have got them thicker.

When we talk about desert boots being crafted only with suede, we might wonder how they come under the chukka boot category, which are mostly made of leather. Well, that’s what makes them unique though they’re mostly identical.


How to wear chukka boots?

Modern day chukka boots have become super flexible, and can be styled endlessly. To spare you some Google time, we’ve jotted some styling methods to incorporate these boots in your ensemble and flaunt your style.

  • Casual occasions

To all the urban men out there – wearing chukka boots will make any of your casual outfits showy. They infuse a smart vibe, and almost every colored attire matches with these kinds of boots. If you’re in for black attire, try on a cream shade boot to radiate a macho-man appeal!

  • Smart casual occasions

The trend of men’s lace-up boots is evergreen, and so are chukkas. A fresh black boot bombed with a crew-neck tee and a blazer will make the crowd go, “O boy!” If you want to feel the late 80’s, grab a blue denim jacket, black cargo pants, and a black fedora in contrast to a gray chukka and stun the crowds.

  • Business casual occasions 

While a casual look has its own vibe, a formal outfit carries its own reputation. A crisp black tux styled with a black chukka will emit some serious clever guy vibes. If you want to give a Sherlock Holmes atmosphere to any room you walk in, styling a brown chukka with a long brown trench coat and wayfarers are all it takes. 

Chukka boots buying guide 

Plenty of chukka boots are hitting up the markets to fit the latest trends. And while it may seem daunting, choosing a fine boot isn’t as tricky as you may think, because we’re talking about chukkas, and they go well with every attire!

Something we would want to roll in your mind is that light-colored chukkas steal any show. In case you want to bid on a bad-boy vibe, dark tinted ones are suggested. So, keeping these in mind, surf one from a good brand for your attire.

And here’s another tip - genuine Italian leather boots that sport a Blake-stitch construction and have a rubber patch/protector on the sole are extremely popular. Not only do these kinds of chukkas look great, they also offer superior grip while walking so there’s literally zero chance of slipping or tripping while walking.

Here are certain facts regarding these boots along with some killer fashion style tips.

  • Chukkas are worth their price

One thing you can’t disagree with is the value of the chukkas. Boots are always known for their long shelf-life, and when it comes to these babies, chukkas are worth every single penny you spend on them. They’re neither too expensive nor too cheap but are available at different prices based on their appeal and craftsmanship. If you’re out to buy a pair that clicks with your budget, seek a tan-colored chukka boots (chukkas come in leather, suede, and rubber) that will ace every casual fit.

  • The manufacturing is as smart as the look

As we discussed before, a pair of chukka boots that snaps with a tux or a suit cannot fail to make you look like a CEO. If that sounded too hyperbolic, you’ll first need to analyze its legitimacy. Chukkas are made with exceptional materials. Moreover, they’re specifically constructed using Blake-stitch construction. This famous Italian method of directly stitching the outsole to the insole makes the boot more flexible and comfy. Hence, the smartly crafted boots will indeed pass their effect on you.

  • Be it formal or casual, chukkas are worth to add to your cart

Flexing a dark leather chukka to any formal outfit or a button-down crew neck t-shirt with ripped jeans will make you look suave and dapper. We’d root for you to try on a white chukka with a white cotton shirt and black jeans, spiced with a transparent cooling glass. Man-o-man, walking down the street with a bright white boot is going to catch a lot of eyes!

  • Vacation time with chukka boots

Vacations are meant to make you feel liberated. Why would you like to feel uncomfortable wearing tight outfits and suffocating boots? Well, if you try on a chukka, you’re game on! Styling any colored chukka with a cap, a big-sized shirt above your favorite trousers is a cool reflex to try when you take a stroll. Also, say you’re on a hike with your friends and can’t imagine a sprain, these boots are going to be your lifesaver. With exquisite grip and rigidity, the simplest chukka boots will make sure you’re all good to climb.

Wrapping it up

On a personal note, we consider men’s Chukka Boots bliss. Every young man who seeks sneakers, for a change if you choose a chukka, you’ll look 100-times more elegant and voguish without losing any comfort. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now!

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