Selecting the Perfect Kiltie Shoes for Men's Business Casuals in 2021

October 04, 2021

Selecting the Perfect Kiltie Shoes for Men's Business Casuals in 2021

In today’s times, whether you are dressed up for a business meeting or a leisurely outing, comfort is the keyword. Be it for men or women, everything from the attire to the shoes is chosen only after giving topmost priority to the comfort factor. But that doesn’t mean style and sophistication are completely ignored. And that’s true for men’s wardrobe and shoes too!

Speaking of men’s shoes, one is always spoilt for choice as the possibilities are many and diverse. Let’s pick the example of footwear that compliments men’s business casuals. Nowadays, business meetings aren’t restricted to board rooms and closed interiors any more. Often, significant deals are settled over a casual dinner or a round of golf. In the backdrop of such casual catch-ups becoming significant for business, it is very important to dress right to make a good impression. And the right shoes are a main component of the business casual look for men. 

If you’re looking for suitable shoes to go along with your casual business meeting look, you can give kiltie shoes a try. Kilties are chic, yet classy, and pair up well with slacks/chinos and a button-down shirt. If this has spiked your interest, read on to know more about how the kiltie shoe can do wonders for your mundane, routine business casual look. 

Let’s start with what are Kiltie shoes?

If the name ‘kiltie’ has caught your attention, you will be interested to know more about the shoe and what goes into its making. 

Wingtip Brogue Kiltie Monkstrap - Navy Suede

These shoes have fringed leather panels covering their instep, designed in a manner to safeguard it from mud. Known as the “extended tongue”, these fringed leather panels also protect the shoe laces from getting stuck on foreign objects. 

The kiltie shoes are available in different styles, namely tassels, laces and buckles. While they vary differently on the suitability meter, the buckle kiltie is most preferred by men while deciding the attire for a crucial business casual meeting. Looks are always important and if they help in cracking that much-needed business deal, then it is definitely both money and time well spent. Agree?

The kiltie shoe is the perfect pair-up for occasions like an official brunch meeting with co-workers or clients, a relaxed office meeting, or a Sunday lunch to mix business with pleasure. In the winters, as most men opt for grey or other sober-colored outfits when they head for work, a pair of black kiltie shoes is the best addition to complete the final winter office look.

The Kiltie Shoe – A Background

The origins of the kiltie shoes can be traced back to Scotland in the year 1457. The sport of golf was highly popular there during that period of time, and as the land used to be very wet and marshy, the kiltie shoe was preferred during a golf outing since this kind of shoe didn’t get damaged due to the wet and muddy ground. 

Named after the Scottish tradition of donning shoes with kilts, the shoes have Scottish as well as Irish origins. In the earlier times, the shoe was brogue with an extension to cover the laces. Scottish people didn’t have any specific shoes for golf and they always wore kilts, so that is how the name came about. Since then, shoes having fringed leather panels covering the instep came to be known as kiltie shoes. 

Kiltie Monkstrap - Brown

A Style Sheet for Your Kiltie Shoes

Gone are the days when Scottish people adorned kilts with their shoes. In today’s times, kiltie shoes are paired up mostly with casual pants or trousers. They’re available in the market today, and have a fringe leather panel covering the instep.

If you’re thinking about adding kiltie shoes to your collection, there are certain points to be kept in mind.

  • Kilties are casual shoes: The first point to be noted while using a kilt shoe is that they are casual shoes. Therefore, for nailing the perfect business casual look with them, you should try to pair them with dark, sober colors like brown, burgundy, grey or black. A casual trouser along with a good pair of kilts is the perfect attire for a sudden business luncheon with colleagues or potential business partners. 
    1. Go seasonal with Kilties: Kilties shoes can be worn throughout the year, and all one needs to be careful about is picking the correct color and material according to the season. Go for lighter colors and suedes during the spring and summers, and opt for dark colors in the cold autumn and winter months. 
    2. Don’t pair them up with ties: Kilties look best with casual pants and trousers and don’t sit pretty with the complete three-piece business look. The shoes pair up well with casual outfits like a tailored linen suit, or a cotton blazer with fitted trousers. Hence, don’t go with the classic business look if opting for kilties shoes.
    3. Stick to the basics: A casual business look is complete only when all the correct elements are in place. As they say, the first impression is the last impression and you wouldn’t want to mess it up. Hence, while choosing kilties shoes for your important business outings, stick to the basics, be it the color or material. Buy shoes made with materials like suede, in colors like brown kiltie shoes and black, to make an everlasting impression on your clientele. 

    Wingtip Kiltie Monkstraps

    Kiltie shoes you should definitely try out

    Are you looking for kiltie shoes for an upcoming event that’s a mix of formal and casual? We recommend that you look no further than the designer kiltie shoes offered by leading men’s footwear brand, Lethato Shoes. Serving in the elite handmade leather shoes segment for years, Lethato has carved out a niche for itself with its stellar designs, superior quality, and unmatched craftsmanship.

    Check out Lethato’s classy collection of Kiltie shoes here.

    And we end with…

    All said and done, stylists recommend that younger people shouldn’t purchase kilties immediately, but should focus on building their shoe collection by selecting other types of shoes first. Fashion experts believe that kiltie shoes sit pretty on mature office people since they give off an elegant and classy look. 

    If you’re planning to buy a pair of kiltie shoes, factors like the season, color choices, market trends, and fast selling collections, all have a role to play. However, the most important and only factor in determining your kiltie shoes is your choice and taste. Nothing else matters!!  

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