Reasons To Choose Lethato’s Handmade Leather Shoes!

August 14, 2020 2 Comments

Reasons To Choose Lethato’s Handmade Leather Shoes!

There are many reasons for choosing these shoes. There are some people who talk about their style while some consider these for quality. Handmade shoes come in various styles and kinds. We have enlisted some of the reasons to make you understand in a much better way.

  1. Good Quality- Cheap leather will split over and crack over a period of time whereas Handmade leather shoes are of the best quality (hands down)
  2. Finest Finish- these shoes are crafted by professional and experienced craftsmen only, therefore, these shoes have an amazing finish
  3. Saving money- buying high-quality Italian Leather Shoes For Men will help in saving the money in the long run as these will last a lifetime
  4. Comfort on Peak- these shoes are handmade and there is absolutely no doubt regarding the comfort level of these shoes
  5. Durable and Strong- handmade shoes are more durable and string than machine-made shoes.

Handmade Leather Shoes

Why These Shoes Are So Special?

The first thing to know is that these are Handmade Leather Shoes and has a traditional closed lacing set up. These shoes go better in terms of craftsmanship as the entire part above the sole (upper) is made from a single piece of leather and is colored by hand by patina.

Wholecut is Italian Leather Shoes and is one of the most formal styles of Oxford which will take your fashion game into a new zone. These shoes are paired well with tuxedo and other formal outfits thus; these are perfect Wedding Shoes For Men.

Picture-perfect Shoes For Any Occasion?

Everyone says that you can tell a lot by a man’s shoes (and it’s absolutely true). So, what’s your current shoe wardrobe saying about you? Assuming that you have the basics like sneakers for weekend, loafers for casual events, and a good capote’s for work, you are perhaps ready to take your shoe game to the next level. No matter what event it is, a Wholecut Oxford Shoe is one of the most elegant shoes that will not only enhance your personality but will boost up your confidence as well.

How To Style These Classy Gems?

They are an excellent way to add-on some charm to your outfit and to lift up your fashion statement. Here are some of our favorite ways to pair these masterpieces.

  • Pair up Black Wholecut shoes with a charcoal suit, white shirt along with a purple patterned tie for a formal event
  • Brown Wholecut shoes go well with a navy patterned or solid suit, blue shirt along with red or green patterned tie
  • Pair up Black Wholecut Shoes with gray or charcoal dress pants, v neck cardigan sweater checked shirt for a casual event
  • These shoes can also be worn with dark denim, along with blazer and a dark knit tie.
  • Dark green and navy colored Men's Oxford Shoes can add a hint of fashionable point of difference to a dressed-up look.

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August 03, 2022

Yes, We have some shoes in Dark Brown you can check them on the website. We are located in India. If the shoes are available in stock we will ship them on the next day and if not you have to wait for 2- 3 weeks. You can order it on the website and you can contact us via email we will try to make or dispatch it on a priority basis.

Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson

August 03, 2022

Do you sell dark Brown and Chestnut colors? Where are you located? How long do I have to wait for .y order when I do order?

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 All our shoes are designed to match standard UK & US dress shoe sizes. However, to ensure the perfect fit, please go through below size chart:




Approx. Foot length in cms

Approx. Foot length in Inches

5 6 39 23.3 -23.9 9 2/8.6- 9 4/8
6 7 40 24.2 -24.8 9 5/8 -9 7/8




25.0 - 25.5

9 7/8 – 10 1/8




25.8 - 26.3

10 1/8 – 10 3/8




26.5 - 27.0

10 3/8 – 10 5/8




27.3 – 27.8

10 6/8 – 11




28.0 – 28.5

11 – 11 2/8




28.7 – 29.2

11 2/8 – 11 4/8




29.5 – 30.0

11 5/8 – 11 7/8




30.2 – 30.8

11 7/8 – 12 1/8

 For a correct shoe size, please take the time to measure your foot. 

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